Amazon Echo Control binding cannot log into Amazon account anymore

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Every since the last time Amazon made me change my password, the echo control binding will no longer allow me to log in. I am trying with the correct username and password but it does not work. I just keeps saying invalid email. Others on the forum are now having the same problem.

Here’s what I did:

Stop OH.

Go To --> /homes/openhab/userdata/jsondb

Rename this file --> amazonechocontrol%3Aaccount%3Aaccount1.json to amazonechocontrol%3Aaccount%3Aaccount1.json.BAD

Start OH wait for it to fully startup

Go to your Echo binding login page and try again.

Best, Jay

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Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. No change.

I had this some weeks ago. I had to delete my amazon-thing and then create a new one with a different name. I use config files so I deleted the thing first from the things-file and saved it. After the thing was gone (keep an eye on the logs), i created a new one with a different name. After that i could log in again.

I completely deleted the thing files and deleted the binding, rebooted, put in the latest version of the binding (2.5.7), replaced the thing file, rebooted again. Same problem, no change. Still get the failed login. @michi?

Have you tried just logging into as if you were going to purchase something to confirm that your user/pass is working on it?

Best, Jay

Yes I have logged out and logged in on the web and all my devices. Everything works fine except the binding.

Just noticed the binding version in Paper UI is 2.5.8. Installed that instead and now it’s working fine. Thx.

Hello huys,

I have a similar problem with the binding. When i try to login to http://XXX.XXX.X.XXX:8080/amazonechocontrol/e8d2df76/ after typing in my username and password, it lets me go to a new page in witch i have to first allow trough my phone(SMS) the login. The problem is, it gives me only 4s and the page goes back to the login.4s is not enough for me to recive the SMS on my phone and click on the link from it to allow the login.

Some have any idea how i can battle that ?