AmazonEchoControl authentication unsuccessful

I have no problem authenticating to or, but AmazonEchoControl’s authentication does not work, saying something about an invalid email address:

There was a problem

  • Enter a valid email or mobile number

For me the same :frowning:

Have the same experience

same problem here…it seems that there is a change from amazon… :woozy_face:

The node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 equivalent has a nice option to import (manually) the Cookie content from a browser. This is a good way to avoid having to chase Amazon’s changing implementation requirements. :slight_smile:

no chance with the newest 2.5.7 binding…

Now it’s working again…

You may not use the browser-cached email and password…you have to type it manually :crazy_face:

I am observing the same issue using binding version 2.5.3. Is not possible to authorize on Amazon account.

There was a problem

  • Enter a valid email or mobile number

I have reinstated Binding, clear browser cache (chrome, Firefox) typed password/ login manually, but without any success :frowning:

Also having the same issue.
No resolution with clearing browser cache and manually typing email.

Trying to use account if that makes any difference.

Me too! Doesntr matter what I do cant sign in.

I’ve tried anything I can think of. It must be an issue with the binding.

It seems like this is not under active development. Is there any ongoing effort to try to fix this?

Under very active development: Preview and Beta: Amazon Echo Control

Same problem.

There is a ton of work going on to fix this issues and several others with this binding. Please check the thread linked by hafniumzinc in the post directly above yours for much more information, scroll to the bottom because thread has hundreds of posts and the info you need is very recent (at the bottom)

Same Problem here… any solution for that ?

Removing the Amazon Account Thing and adding again solves this issue for me!