Amazonechocontrol binding does not update lastVoiceCommand

I am on 3.4.1:

2023-03-30 23:20:39.456 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'Echo_Plus_LastVoiceCommand' changed from aus to haustür beleuchtung einschalten
2023-03-31 08:40:29.481 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'Echo_Plus_LastVoiceCommand' changed from haustür beleuchtung einschalten to t. v. ausschalten

seems to work

With 3.4.2 no reaction…when i set the log to TRACE…i can’t see something in the log, when i ask alexa something…

Now i have downgraded my amazonechocontrol-binding to version 3.4.1.
Now it works again.

so the problem seems to be in the 3.4.2 binding

@J-N-K : Are you still in development of this binding?

I can‘t remember any changes in the openHAB version of the binding.

ok. i have tested again both versions:

3.4.2: no function at this channel
3.4.1: everything fine.

in the github-history there are some general changes in the binding. perhaps one of these cause the problem…i am not deep enough in this environment to judge this…but the problem is definitive in the binding.

which one do you use ? The one from OH or from SmartHome/J marketplace ? I am using that one from SmartHome/J.
EDIT: just checked the version number of the binding that I have in use: 3.2.11. That may explain why I don’t see that behavior.

I think that feature is being used by many users. Personally I would have expected to see more reports in case it is a problem in general.

i use the 3.4.2 Binding from release…there is no other version displayed.
when i use bundle:list the output is:

320 │ Active │ 80 │ 3.4.2 │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Amazon Echo Control Binding

ok…after some “playing around” with the versions…i can say, that in 3.4.1 the functionality is not stable too…Maybe there is a problem on the Amazon side

i looks, that sometimes no web-socket-listener could be registered to inform about spoken commands…but i cant see something in the log…

The problem is not only with the lastVoiceCommand-Channel.
When I change the volume of an echo device (with the buttons on the device), that change does not update in OpenHAB too…but in the alexa app I see the change.

It seems, that all changes on the devices are not reflected back in OpenHAB…

The websocket connection is broken in the openHAB version of the binding.

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Correct, with the SmartHome/J-Version of the binding…it works…

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Are there plans to get the openHAB-Version of the binding back to work ?

hi i have the same problem and i see that there is a new version 3.2.4. Does this fix the problem?

hi, can you give me the link to download the working version of binding please. THANKS

FYI, I updated OH with version 3.4.4 and the SmartHome/J Amazon Echo control Binding 3.2.16 binding for my Alexa equipment and I found the features of Last voice command, on the other hand I lost the functionality of TextCommand which no longer works!

Should this work on OH 4.0.2 and amazonehocontrol binding 4.0.2? Sometime after updating to OH v4, lastVoiceCommand has stopped working, so a sanity-check type of question: should it work and is it just me?

Amazon removed the undocumented feature.
There is an other thread with a potential workaround.

Do you, by any chance, have the link to the workaround?

I think this is the thread

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I implemented a workaround which principle is explained here:

This is neither pythonic nor openhabic but at least it works :woozy_face:

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