Android app continously listening to voice commands


I have recently started to use the VoiceCommand capabilities of Openhab where I setup a rule reacting to changes of the VoiceCommand item. This all works very well.
So on my phone I can push the microphone button int the openhab App (basicui) and the command will interpreted and works as expected.

I am in the process of setting up a wall-mounted android device (NSPanel Pro) and obviously I will install the openhab app on that device. I understand that there are means to enable a preprocessor so that only certain commands (after the magic keyword) are being sent to a potentially clud-based Speech-2-Text converter.

My question now is: How do I even get the openhab android app to “constantly” listen? Because oviously I would not be very practical if I have to go to the wall-mounted device and have to click the “microphone-button” every time I want to issue a command.

I understand that there are potentially ways to solve this outside of the openhab android app, but then I am wondering what is the whole point of being able to configure a magic word in openhab (which you can, linked to porcupine or others) when you still have to push the button…

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from the Dude :slight_smile:

I have the same task.
Any solutions?

Hi Sergio,
I didn’t manage to solve this and I think it’s near impossible unless you are fine using another app than the openhab app in foreground to constantly listen.

I did however stumble upon this other thread here Cloud Free Voice Control where a fellow forum member explains how he built his voice command solution based on raspberry hardware.
I have used the same approach with a Raspberry Pi Zero W2 as well as an older Raspberry 3. Both work pretty well.
I know it’s not Android, which I would have preferred to use with my NSPanel Pro but anyway, it is an alternative.

Good Luck!