Android tablet as Audiosink?

HI Guys

Does anyone know if OH2 can somehow play a sound on an Android tablet when an Item switches on?

Ie: turn the tablet into an audiosink?


There is an app that you can run that turns your tablet into a squeezebox client which you can then send audio to…

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I have been using this little program for years now. Works perfectly:

Note that you need to have a TTS engine installed on the tablet.


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WebAudio is a generic audio sink for browsers, or are you looking to push specific audio to specific devices?

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Well, i just changed a rule to play a sound and it just played on the tablet without any changes! It runs HabPanel. Works just fine now for my purpose until the Amazon Echos turn up :slight_smile:

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Old post…

Using app suggested by @mstehle . You’ll find it as APK on F-Droid. then using exec action with this

echo "whatever you want to say" | ncat <YOUR TABLET IP> 4444

Make sure the TTS and your preferred language is installed. Language can be set in the app, which could start also automatically and runs in background.