Anel activating output

I have a lot of anel hut’s and they work fine.

We also have a DVR, a dvr that has the option to send an input alarm signal.
When I connect this to an anel IO, I can use the web interface from the hut to send an alarm to the DVR.

Yet I have no idea how to call this from Openhab
When I do
sendCommand(anel49_IO2_Camera_Alarm_In_1, OFF)

I get
22:19:03.531 [WARN ] [ing.anel.internal.AnelConnectorThread] - Attempted to change IO2 to OFF but its direction is input
22:19:03.757 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘anel49_IO2_Camera_Alarm_In_1’ received command OFF

I understand that output from anel is exactly that, something to send an outside message from the device.
Any idea how I can launch this from openhab?

Sorry for the late response, I didn’t get any notification about your post…
I have never tried to use IO ports that are configured as ‘Output’, maybe the old binding did not properly recognize the IO direction?!

What I did try yesterday is to use the new OH3 binding to toggle IO ports that are configured as ‘Output’ - that was working fine. Maybe that works for you, too.

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