Anel Hut upgraded API 6.1 no longer works on openhab


I have a few Anel HUT’s working with Open Hab 2.
Recently Anel Hut has upgraded from 6.0 to 6.1.
The good news is, they added support for dimmers. In their own web interface that works great.
Yet since that upgrade OpenHab can’t talk anymore to an Anel hut.
This post on their website explain the API upgrade

For me a minor upgrade should not break the depending code, unfortutantly it does.

I have tried this both with OpenHab 2.0 and OpenHab 2.1

You are totally right, and the new version of the binding should be more robust.
I did not yet add support for dimmers, but basic functionality should be there for OH3.

@yves you can test the new binding and give feedback, if you like → ANEL Net-PwrCtrl Binding for OH3

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I have not upgraded yet to openhab 3,
And Anel binding was a major reason that I needed it.
Will look at 3 when I have a week or so for the upgrade