AngularJs http 'Get' in a function, hosted in HabPanel

I have built a small, functional widget to use to control all of my AV gear(in essence, this replaces the need for any physical remotes at home)

I am using HabPanel as the engine for displaying the widget and it works OK, but it is quite slow.
Seemingly, if I hit a button repeatedly (like I might if I were scrolling down a menu), not all clicks are trapped - and I can not determine whether this is due to the browser on my phone, or the processing behind how HabPanel operates.

What I have found is that if I hit the old ClassicUI with a bit of code, all events are trapped:

1…100 |%{Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri$_}

Unfortunately, my AngularJS is pretty poor.
I’d like to attempt to replace the existing HabPanel processing to instead just fire http requests directly in the background, since these are events where I do not need to track state changes. Could anyone help provide a simple bit of code for a button and the function that would make this possible?

Has anyone tried this - or is the delay even just because of the browser, so I am wasting time?

I suspect you have lots of items; look into implementing this solution to speed up your habpanel reaction time.

Best, Jay

This looks promising, thanks (and yes, I have a bucket ton of items)
I’m running 2.5M1 though… will have to scratch around to see if active has compiled the jar yet.

Okie- it seems that although the large number if items is partly at fault, in actually getting lag in the button clicks. The problem is iOS related. Seemingly there is a delay of about 300ms if chicks being registered, to cater for double click to zoom events.

I dropped a link explaining the issue at the bottom of the thread linked above, but I don’t want to mix the issues up.