[SOLVED] HABPanel sluggish

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Hey all

I’m starting to get my openHAB system where I want it in regards to performance and functionality. But there is one thing thats lagging (literally) behind, HABPanel.
I like it, its very customizable and easy to work with, but its running slow compared to the OH app for example.
In my home the only input and visualization device is a digital sign from LG (https://www.lg.com/us/business/digital-signage/lg-10SM3TB). It’s essentially an tablet without a battery. Sure the specs aren’t the best but its getting the job done. And it is here I get into my question about HABPanel.
How come that the design is revolved around dashboards (pages) as different webpages? With my hardware it creates “long” loading time when changing dashboard, a frequent task in my setup.
When I wrote webpages for digital displays with slow hardware (raspberry pi) I tried to load the complete page and hide the parts not used and then worked with showing and hiding via Javascript. Sure this made the page load slower but there where no lagg when changing the content.
Is this maybe a good approach for HABPanel or have I missed something.
HABPanel works great on my computer with I7-processor and 16GB ram.
Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:



I faced the same problem and solved it, see here: Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

I have the same problem. This should be fixed by openhab - not with a user-workaround. Best way would be, if someone could implement the workaround into habpanel directly.

Maybe some time this will be included in future. I hope so… :slight_smile:

Hi Pavel,

is there a more detailed “howto” for using your fix/workaround?

I only saw your small instructions and the download link in the other thread…

Is it only place the two addons into openhab-addons-folder, put all items, which will be used inside habpanel into the new group and that´s it? No more additional configs?

Where is the event-stream used in habpanel? Is this the events.log ?

I know how to place an item into a new group, but how can i move an event into a group???


This is as simple as just using the two addons (habpanel and habpanel-filter) and putting all of the items that you want to the mentioned group. That is all, no additional config required.


That is the beauty of OpenHab - it is user extensible or changeable, eg I have 5 addons that I tailored because one thing or another thing bothered me with the actual implementation: Dainkin for polling for updates when a value is changed (for example you set a temperature and then it is set back quickly because of previous value is still on the ac), Yamaha for properly handling device linking and multi-zones and also those stupid “updated” statuses each minute and etc.

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Interesting, is your code available somewhere? Did you consider opening a PR with these changes?

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When switching dashboards HABPanel retrieves the whole list of items again (GET /rest/items) before displaying the widgets, this was a conscious decision to increase the reliability of the display, there were issues with state management when the SSE connection dropped at some point. This also gave opportunity for some widgets, notably the slider, to initialize themselves and perform initial rendering properly - they would display the wrong state or “flicker” for a split second.

It was an acceptable trade-off (delaying the display of the dashboard in favor of having a clean initial display) because the performance of this GET /rest/items was good even with lots of items; however it deteriorated in the last couple versions. It might be a good choice to revisit that decision again.


I’ll second the question. I don’t use any of those bindings but did you submit any of your changes as a PR?

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Thank you for the answer. Now I know (and hope for the habpanel-filter in a future official release :slight_smile: )

This change:

implements what I stated above. The dashboard switches are near instantaneous now, but I’m not confident enough to merge it yet.
If someone is interested in testing, feel free to apply this change to your fork.

Yes, I see this with dimmer sliders. I had to remove them because the performance hit was so great, even on a very powerful system, lots of memory and then using a recent IPhone, it was way to slow to be usable.

It would be great if there’s a more efficient way to do this and improve the speed of HabPanel in general. In my view it’s the best UI by far but could do with some performance improvements

Is there a precompiled jar with the changes? I would be happy to test it.

I would also be happy to test this, if there is a jar-file available.

I don´t use habpanel in my house till now, because it is so laggish… This is no good user experience with the long wait times. I have build a smart home with many expensive devices and then i would have to control it with such a poor speed. So i still use a combination of openhab android app and HomeHabit.

But i would be very happy, if i could use HabPanel as well, because this would be great on a big tablet on the wall in my living area. I already have some pages, but i don´t use them.

all of my changes are here: https://github.com/arctus/openhab2-addons
sorry, i did not submit the PR, however would be willing to do that once have time and you think it is useful for the changes that I did …

I could provide a changed habpanel-filter and habpanel for 2.4 (as I am using this as 2.5 M2 is not stable enough for me), what version of openhab you use?

I’d be glad to test this; have 3 tablets on the walls and would love to increase the speed.

I’m just running OH 2.4 with some 2.5m1 bindings; nothing to do with habpanel.

Best, Jay

I´m on oh2.5 snapshot #1665 currently. My last snapshot update was on august 19th.

For which oh-version is your filter, provided in the other thread?

Does this infect when connecting to habpanel from a remote browser as well? (I have an Rpi running with Ubuntu and a browser to show habpanel on a 24" screen in resolution 1920x1080. It´s slow as hell).

Yes, this should help in this situation as well. I will provide the binaries over the weekend.

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