Another water meter (BLE)

very interesting and nice device, cheap…like 30 euro. it broadcasts data via BLE, you could sniff it and send via mqtt to openhab
only problem, its sold only in russia…
but still, interesting article I came accross
if someone finds a chinese copy of it, please post :slight_smile:

Similar Hall and Reflection version sensors available from Poland, similar price

Decoding recently added to OpenMQTTGateway and Theengs Gateway for easy MQTT integration into OpenHAB.

interesting…but webshop does not seem to be working, when I click add to basket nothing happens (basket is empty)

Just had another look, seems like the reflective version is out of stock, only the hall version available right now.

But correct, even trying to add the hall version doesn’t fill the basket. Probably best to contact them by email to see what might be their issue. Apologies for linking to a non-functioning shop - thought it would be a good alternative to the one you mentioned in your post :wink:

thanks, i will check with them. what is the difference between hall and reflection?

Just saw this, looks like you have to register to make purchases, or even fill your shopping cart

Hall registers magnetic pulses vs. reflective registering the light/dark changes, probably of the rotating cogwheel on the water meter. I assume it depends on the water meter versions you have.

oh, i see now, this is just a gadget that you put on top of water meter, not water meter itself…

i need the whole water meter as I don’t have it…that russian thing you install inline on the pipe…

Ah ok, sorry, my misunderstanding. I assumed you had a water meter already, or will need to have one installed by the water company, then with the possibility to add this sensor on top.

All the best with finding a complete version somewhere else.

I am just looking around…
I actually have water meter but its far away in some water meter room, not inside the apartment…

I don’t want to spam with opening new topics, but I found an interesting and relatively cheap smart valve

it comes in 3 pipe sizes…
it seems its tuya (smart life) platform, which means it could potentially be flashed with Tasmota.

Thoughts? does it look good enough for main house valve (We noticed that there are many kinds of water pipe sizes, we choose 4 mainstream size of DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32.)
or is it more like a toy for sprinklers?

edit: i read the amazon reviews, people use it as a mains shut off valve…

it seems I should be able to sniff the data of the provider with SDR…

I mesure the rotation of my water meter to read the water flow.

Hi Olaf,

Are you in the Netherlands by any chance? If so, which meter (model) do you have? I tried to make a solution like yours but isn’t working.
Is it a DIY-project or ready made one?

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

Hi @arjan-io

Yes I live in the Netherlands.
I have a “Elster Y200” meter.

The blue mounting I have made myself. We have a Laser cutter at my work to make things like this.
The project is coming from : Toon App: Water - Home Automation Domotica Forum Europe, Bwired Forum

With Openhab I read the JSON.html with water info.

For those who’re interested: The YF-B5 is really cheap and so far is doing a good job.

Getting it to work is a bit tricky (but also fun / I learned a lot). For those who‘re interested I summed up my description here: Water flow sensor YF-B5 shows incorrect pulses - #69 by xeltar - Sensors - Arduino Forum

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