Any Somfy URTSI II binding users? Tester needed

Hi, I have submitted a pull request that attempts to bring this older binding into the present, and if you have the hardware, I would appreciate your efforts in testing it on openHAB 1.8 and the latest 2.0 build. I don’t have the hardware, so I can’t test it myself.

Here is a JAR file to replace the one you are currently using. Please let me know if it works or not, and on which version (or build) of openHAB it works on.

Thank you!

Hi Watou,

It’s working pretty well. I have it installed in my OH2b1 using OH1.8 bind and it’s working like a charm, No complains.

Best Regards!
-Bruno Domingues


Thank you very much for testing it! Just to be certain, you tested this JAR (linked above) by removing the standard distributed binding JAR from your addons and placing this one there instead?

I really appreciate your taking the time to verify.


It’s working as well. Let me know if you want that I do some tests.

BTW: I’m using PLCBus bind, and I found a bug (address) that I fixed in my release and didn’t submit yet. Also because I implemented directly into code to work with 3-phase instead of 1-phase. So, it’s ugly! :slight_smile: I have been wainting to have time and also OH2 stable to implement also some features, such as polling and dimmer.

Do you know if someone is working on it?

Best Regards!

@brunodom, thank you very much for trying my test binding.

I found this issue that you last commented on almost a year ago, so it doesn’t look like there has been any progress that I can see. It would be great if you could submit changes, preferably a pull request, to fold your working changes into the official binding. Please let me/us know if you need help with that, or if you would rather just provide a short “diff” output.

Thanks again.