Apple watch

I noticed yesterday that there is an apple watch app :slight_smile:

However, nor on, nor on I can find any information on how to set this up.

I see in the watch app that I need to set a sitemap with the name watch, but no further info.

I made a basic sitemap watch.sitemap with this info, but no luck.

sitemap watch label=“watch”
Switch item=light_Eethoek_Centraal label=“Eethoek Centraal” icon=“light”
Slider item=light_Eethoek_Spots label=“Eethoek Spots”
Switch item=light_Zithoek_Centraal label=“Zithoek Centraal” icon=“light”
Slider item=light_Zithoek_Spots label=“Zithoek Spots”
Switch item=light_Zithoek_Schilderij label=“Zithoek Schilderij” icon=“light”
Switch item=TPLink_Switch1 label=“Kerstboomlicht” icon=“light”
Slider item=Living_SmartDimmer_Dimmer label=“Staande Lamp” icon=“light”
Switch item=Living_SmartDimmer_Dimmer label=“Staande Lamp” icon=“light”
Switch item=HueTV_Toggle label=“Hue TV” icon=“light”
Switch item=HueTrap_Toggle label=“Hue Trap” icon=“light”


Searching around a little more, it seems it’s a bug. See

When opening it up in testflight it works :slight_smile:

You mean demo mode?

No, apple testflight. It’s the test channel for app development. See

Ah, got it
Thank you, Bruno