Apple watch

I noticed yesterday that there is an apple watch app :slight_smile:

However, nor on, nor on I can find any information on how to set this up.

I see in the watch app that I need to set a sitemap with the name watch, but no further info.

I made a basic sitemap watch.sitemap with this info, but no luck.

sitemap watch label=“watch”
Switch item=light_Eethoek_Centraal label=“Eethoek Centraal” icon=“light”
Slider item=light_Eethoek_Spots label=“Eethoek Spots”
Switch item=light_Zithoek_Centraal label=“Zithoek Centraal” icon=“light”
Slider item=light_Zithoek_Spots label=“Zithoek Spots”
Switch item=light_Zithoek_Schilderij label=“Zithoek Schilderij” icon=“light”
Switch item=TPLink_Switch1 label=“Kerstboomlicht” icon=“light”
Slider item=Living_SmartDimmer_Dimmer label=“Staande Lamp” icon=“light”
Switch item=Living_SmartDimmer_Dimmer label=“Staande Lamp” icon=“light”
Switch item=HueTV_Toggle label=“Hue TV” icon=“light”
Switch item=HueTrap_Toggle label=“Hue Trap” icon=“light”


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Searching around a little more, it seems it’s a bug. See

When opening it up in testflight it works :slight_smile:

You mean demo mode?

No, apple testflight. It’s the test channel for app development. See

Ah, got it
Thank you, Bruno

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Hi all, where to get the latest watch app for iOS? Version 2.4.0 has the issue mentioned above. The Sitemap is not displayed on Apple Watch

Never mind I found the TestFlight link:

TestFlight Link

With that it works

I am having the same (or similar) issue, even after using the testflight version. some weeks back, the apple watch app did at least not fire an 404, but did not display any content. Now since some weeks, I even get the 404 again. Any suggestions? I am also wondering a bit why this seems not to bother too many people?

just realized I get this error message in my log: [est.sitemap.internal.SitemapResource] - Received HTTP GET request at ‘’ for the unknown sitemap ‘watch’.

Of course I do have a sitemap named “watch”.

Hi @MaMi ,

OH App version 2.4.20 still works for me on iOS. I’m OH3 now, but app still works with the sitemap I’ve created. The sitemap name has to be still name ‘watch’ in my environment.

it doesn’t work for me. I also have 2.4.20 and OH3. My “watch” sitemap only contains 1 test item currently.

Strange enough, from time to time I don’t get the 404, but I am not yet able to identify under which conditions. However, in that situation, all that the watch app displays is - nothing. Just an empty back screen. Bu at least I can scroll right to display configuration details.

Right now, I do get the 404 error, and the above mentioned error in the event.log.

forgot to mention: on an iPhone, the watch sitemap is displayed nicely

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I am wondering a bit why there wasn’t any more interest in this topic? Is it placed wrong, or is it really that not many people are interested in OH on their AppleWatch? Maybe everyone ist just using Apple Homekit on their Watch?

Anyhow, I have some good - and some not so good - news. The good ones is I was able to find out the root cause:

When I create a sitemap in the OH3 UI (pages / create sitemap), this sitemap is not loaded by the Apple-Watch App. Trying to launch it creates this log entry <[INFO ] [est.sitemap.internal.SitemapResource] - Received HTTP GET request at ‘’ for the unknown sitemap ‘watch’> and displays a 404 error on the Watch.

Now when I create exactly - and I mean 100% exactly - the same sitemap in a file (attached, obviously remove the txt-extension), the sitemap is displayed perfectly.

I can also replicate this. E.g. copying the sitemap code, removing the file, again creating the sitemap in the UI and copying the code into it - results in the exact same error. Reversing this, all good again.

So it seems for some reason the Watch-App is only loading the sitemap from a file, not from the database. I guess this is a defect that should be adressed?

Now to the not so good news: When I use this sitemap on e.g. my iPhone, all works nicely. On the Watch, all the switches I have for lights have a funny behaviour: they do turn on/off the lights, but then they fall back to off - meaning, they always show only an off state, no matter what the real thing state is. As said this just works in the Phone, thus I am asuming this is another defect in the Watch App? I don’t experience this with the switches that really just control an on/off state of some thing.

watch.sitemap.txt (2.2 KB)

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I used it also for a while, but get the same errors as you did. Unfortunately there are not so much people using the watch apparently. Same goes for the app, where on android the new UI is usable, and on iphone not.
Unfortunately - again - my coding skills are less than zero, so we’ll have to wait and stick around until someone takes care…

I have been using the app for a few months. Basically, it works fine for me. Specifically, I use the “normal” version, i.e. without Testflight.
I have continuously improved my “watch” sitemap over the months, and now have a really useful additional tool on my AppleWatch (see screenshot).

The only problem I have with it is that when I start the app, I usually get the following error message (see screenshot):

“The request timed out.”

I have to acknowledge it, and then everything works fine.
Does anyone know why this error appears or what can be done about it?




yes, also for me this works well meanwhile

It bothers me. :frowning:

I used to have this in the recent past as well, but now I don’t get any connection anymore.
openhab App 2.4.20 and OH 3.1 stable.

I just restarted my Watch and started the openhab app again.
I got “Abgebrochen” (German for cancelled or disconnected).
However, the sitemap popped up briefly after pressing “try again”.
I closed the app a few times and after a while the connection was there.
It’s not stable and I don’t know, what I did right (except the reboot of the watch), but it seems to work now.

side note: I changed some settings in between for a try (e.g. svg → png and back), but I am absolutely not sure, if this did help.
(and I cannot reproduce it, because it’s working now (unfortunately :wink:

I love being able to control things from my watch, but the sliders/dimmers don’t much work for me. I can tap a one percent increase/decrease at a time using + or -.

I thought I’d hit the answer when I clicked on a dimmer which focuses the control. Turning the crown started clicking as if I was going to be able to use it like dragging a finger along the range. However it is not a continuous process. No matter how much you spin the crown you only go 1%. You have to stop then restart to get the next 1% instead of being able to “scroll” from 0 to 100% continuously. Right now I work around this using larger steps, but it would be great to get it to work more intuitively.

The sliders cannot be operated properly because they only change by 1%. I have not yet found a way to implement this in a usable way. If you represent a dimmer item with a switch in the sitemap, the switching works, but the feedback does not match … a shame. Unfortunately, the watch support is not usable at all.

I just wanted to say that I am very interested in the WatchOS App, but gave up as there was no regular watch support and I didn‘t want to mess with the dev tools for that. However, I would definitely use the watch app as that is what I have in reach all the time contrary to my phone. :slightly_smiling_face:
But hey, openHAB is for free, so no complaints at all! :+1:

What do you mean ? Watch app is working for me. Just not all possible sitemap configs are supported.

To avoid having the 404 error on the Apple Watch with OpenHAB 3.x, just put your ‘watch.sitemap’ in XXX/conf/sitemaps and the Watch app will work. It seems that the current version of the app is not able to get the sitemap from the database as stated in a previous post.