Aqara Binding - new FP2 sensor?

Hello everyone! I couldn’t find any discussions on the new Aqara FP2 sensor, and I’m really curious about it. I’m excited to get one for myself and definitely want to integrate it with OpenHAB. Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? I’ve heard that various open-source solutions are already compatible with the new sensor, but I’m also curious if there are any official plans for support from Openhab. Thank you in advance!

I installed Home Assistant, followed this guide Aqara new people presence sensor FP2 - #32 by Joel_DE - Hardware - Home Assistant Community and linked them to Things/items in openHAB via MQTT.

A bit cumbersome to get them detected in Home Assistant, and a bit of boilerplate to get all MQTT items linked. But it works.

Personal bonus: HA also has a Nest Protect binding. Finally got my smoke detectors connected as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply but I want to stay with openhab but I guess it´s not possible at the moment…

If there is any update on this please let me know. Thanks!

You’ll still be on openhab, just utilizing HA as a tech bridge (or “binding”) :wink:

Thanks - that´s what I was thinking about when replying.

Meanwhile I installed HA on my Synology NAS virtual machine and playing around. A few minutes ago my FP2 sensors arrived so I´m looking forward to get this working!

I found a promising HAP controller on Gihub which is also used for ioBroker. I opened some issues because the HAP controller doesn’t work as I expected. Maybe it is a good starting point for a bridge FP2 to MQTT once the HAP controller works.