Arcam binding

Hi all,

I’ve created a new binding for Arcam audio devices.

It allows users to control and read status information from their Arcam amplifier.
Discovery is done automatically with UPnP.
Currently the AVR and SA series of devices are supported.
Since I only own an Arcam SA30 device, the other devices are not yet tested.
It would be great of others could test this binding with other Arcam SA or AVR devices.
You can download the jar here.
Let me know what you thing.

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It would be best for users if you publish this in the marketplace. Then your add-on will appear in the list of add-ons in MainUI and can be installed like any other add-on. Create a post here and follow the template.

I got a bug report via a direct message so I’ll fix that first and will have a look at the marketplace after that.

Alright, created the topic here

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This is my first encounter with openHab so please forgive basic questions and lack of familiarity with openHab etiquette. I have an Arcam AVR390 is there a binding for this?

Hi @joepadmiraal (and @rgchris thanks for bumping!).

I have an AVR850, and would love if it can also be added to your binding.
Would it be possible?

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I don’t have access to an AVR device myself and I’m not using OpenHAB anymore.
Looking at the documentation, it seems they work pretty similar to the SA30 I have.
What you could do is install the Arcam addon via the market place and manually add an arcam SA30 device with the IP address of your device.

So I did just that, and it connected instantly. :slight_smile:

The volume works as it should, the input selector reacts when I change input on the AVR, but it gives AUX for the BD input etc. And I cannot control the input from OH, so half way there.

I’ll add more channels tonight to see what is working, and what is not. But this seems promising!

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Hi All,

I tried installing the binding now from the marketplace and getting the following error:

2024-03-07 22:09:21.141 [WARN ] [rketplace.MarketplaceBundleInstaller] - The marketplace bundle was successfully installed but doesn't start: Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.arcam [317]
  Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: io.micrometer.core.instrument.util; version="[3.3.0,4.0.0)"

I am running openHAB 4.1.1 on Ubuntu