[ask] unsupported device

is there any way to submit unsupported device to openhab2 to make it addons ?
im discovered cheap Iot stuff that came from my country with great price
its really cheap i mean on off switch for $4 its steal so i want to make it support openhab is there any way to send stuff to dev to make a addons ? or there is the easy way to make it ur self but im newb to programing and stuff
thanks for help


On there site it says ‘Powered By Tuya’.
Tuya is a ( chinees ) cloud based control that is used by a lot of very cheap IOT devices.
Bardi seems just one of the many names who sells these stuf.

Look for info about ‘Tuya’ on the forum and you wil find ways to get it working with Openhab.

Unfortunately there is no Tuya binding for easy implementation.

You can offer a bounty through bountysource to encourage development if you are unable to do that yourself.
All the developers here are volunteers.

Hi! I think the best and most reliable way to go is to code it yourself. For instance i am not sure if i would accept such a deal just because i have little spare time. And i have my own Roomba900 and Herzborg curtain motor hanging there with no support.
I am also no Java expert, despite i did some tinkering with Android in the past, but i have successfully coded Devireg Smart support just by looking at how others do it and asking (sometimes lame) questions. After you’ve done it once it’s not difficult. Despite some OSGI magic happening behind the scene can be a bit puzzling for a beginner.

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