Astro binding season incorrect

Hi All,
Although upon looking outside you would not think that Wellington New Zealand is in its Summer season but it is and has been since 1st December. however the astro binding is saying its Spring.
The item being used is:

String      Season_Name          "Season [MAP(]"                               (Astro) {channel="astro:sun:home:season#name"}

here is the contents:

ARIES=♈ Aries
TAURUS=♉ Taurus
GEMINI=♊ Gemini
CANCER=♋ Cancer
LEO=♌ Leo
VIRGO=♍ Virgo
LIBRA=♎ Libra
SCORPIO=♏ Scorpio
SAGITTARIUS=♐ Sagittarius
CAPRICORN=♑ Capricorn
AQUARIUS=♒ Aquarius
PISCES=♓ Pisces


NAUTIC_DAWN=Nautical Dawn
NAUTIC_DUSK=Nautical Dusk

NEW=🌑 New
WAXING_CRESCENT=🌑→🌗 Waxing Crescent
FIRST_QUARTER=🌗 1st Quarter
WAXING_GIBBOUS=🌗→🌕 Waxing Gibbous
FULL=🌕 Full
WANING_GIBBOUS=🌕→🌓 Waning Gibbous
THIRD_QUARTER=🌓 3rd Quarter
WANING_CRESCENT=🌓→🌑 Waning Crescent

//NULL=Unknown ⁉
//-=Unknown ⁉

I am running 2.5 but I also noticed this when running 2.4

Any ideas?


There is a filed issue for this in github.


Sounds familiar:

Related issue:

If it’s clear how the user should be able to configure this I can make the change (see my comment in the issue).

I was trying to update the binding and created the second issue on GitHub but I think I was a bit (lot) out of my depth. Between the development environment, trying to understand github and the code itself I was really struggling so I left it.

I kind of felt I was almost there but then at some point I couldn’t get the development environment to load anymore. I’m guessing with the release of OpenHAB 2.5 I’d probably have to set everything up again.

Maybe you have to wait until Sunday, 22nd :wink:


I think that actually happened to me. The binding eventually caught up with the actual season and once that happened, given the difficulty I’d been having, I pushed the whole project to the side

Could astro make use of the new ephemeris feature in 2.5 for this?

I thought about ephemeris, but I do not really understand how and where to install the needed features and how to deal with it :thinking:

@rlkoshak is our expert, I believe :smiley:

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See for how to deal with it. Ephemeris is part of core, you don’t need to install anything, just run OH 2.5.

Probably not. Ephemeris works in single days, not in ranges of days. You would have to create an XML file with all 365 days represented with settings for each day. Then that would only be good for the one year. You’d have to edit it next year.

I’m just the first person to use it in depth and I volunteered to write the docs. The devs are the experts ( Gaël is one of them).

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It could give the season start & stop if based off the calendar.

The way Ephemeris works is asking “Is today x?” For example, “is today a weekend?, is tomorrow a holiday? was yesterday trash day?” Ephemeris doesn’t generate events to trigger a Rule, you can only ask it questions. So, unless you define every day that it is Summer in a custom config than when you ask “is today SUMMER?” only the first day of summer will answer “yes”.


Thx for your hint, but as said I’m a Dummy. So first I have to understand the written words and how to transpose it in the setup, as I’m very slow in understanding :thinking::innocent:

But the first step is done. I’m on OH 2.5 stable.


I suspect so :smiley:

Thinking of easy way to set the Season_Name item using a date ranges, as that is all I need.

I’ve just noticed this issue here as well. In Melbourne (AU) and is showing Autumn, when it should be Winter.
Using OH 2.5.4

The Astro binding, being based on the oribt of the earth around the sun, determines the beginning and ending of the seasons based on the solstices and equinoxes, not an arbitrarily chosen date (arbitrary in relation to the tilt of the Earth that is) as seems to be the case in Australia and elsewhere. It should show winter starting on June 20th, the date of shortest amount of daylight in the southern hemisphere this year.

That being said, it seems that it might be possible to fix the binding so it works properly for you and there is an issue open. You might add a comment to the issue to show that there is still interest in adding this feature.


I had no idea it was based on the solar season, which makes perfect sense. All good.
I would like to see 2 season items, one solar based (I’m sure it was set like that for a good reason) as it is now, as well as calendar based season.
Thanks for the response!

Perhaps open an issue on GitHub so the developers can review and track it. Many developers do not use this forum.

I understated an FR was raised some time ago for this and has yet to be addressed.

For those of us that live in countries that use dates rather that orbits to specify the season start. Can someone advise a goo rule that could perhaps set the Items SEASON to either SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER based on the date? I did look at it and although it is relatively easy in python, I would prefer to do it natively within OH using the rules if that possible.