Automate OpenHAB with Ansible and Podman container


I thought I share how I run my OpenHAB in container. I am past using docker, I use nowadays podman. Which is docker (OCI) compatible, but fully open source and comes with at least fedora based distributions. And doesn’t need docker daemon.

I used OpenHAB as example in my automation blog. I put link here in case if anyone here is looking for automated easy way of running OpenHAB.

See blog here:

BR, ikke


Hello @ikkeT ,
Very interested in your approach to automating the deployment of OpenHAB the whole home automation environment using podman and Ansible.
Which applications have you deployed to date using that framework, e.g. OpenHAB, Node-Red, Grafana, etc. Have you posted the Ansible scripts in a repository?

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Hi @Sylvain, actually, I posted some samples into github recently. Here you go:

have fun!

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Thanks a lot Iika !

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