Automower missing Channels


I configured the automower bridge and my corresponding automower-thing. Unlike the documentation, however, I only have the read channels and the write channels are missing. So I cannot send commands to the mower. Probably I have a thinking error somewhere. Does anyone know the solution?



I had the same problem. It seems like the channels are not available in the GUI.

However, the commands can be sent by a script.

My workaround (as example):

  1. Create a dummy switch item
  2. Create two rules, triggered by the dummy switch to run a script.

Script to start the mower:

val mowerActions = getActions("automower", "automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower")

Script to stop the mower:

val mowerActions = getActions("automower", "automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower")

I hope that helps.

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Thanks Sven, this is what I was looking for (as well). That helped me - now I can start and stop my Automower without the Husqvarna App! :grinning: :+1: