AVM Fritz!Binding DECT 301 no device_locked channel any more

Since I’ve changed my Fritzbox FW from 6.86 to 6.92 my DECT 301 (FW:04.59) regulater and no longer detected as DECT 300 and does not have any longer a device_locked channel on the Fritzbox as a DECT 301 Device.
Therefore I’m getting always the warning:

2017-12-30 11:28:28.419 [WARN ] [.binding.avmfritz.handler.BoxHandler] - Channel device_locked in thing avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_301:192_168_XXX_XXX:09995000XXXX does not exist, please recreate the thing

Hi Claus,

I am very upset. This is my fault. The device_locked channel is missing for the FRITZ!DECT 301 device. I will fix it.

You maybe can setup a workaround for this. If you use Paper UI remove your current thing for the FRITZ!DECT 301 device and add manually a FRITZ!DECT 300 device. Assign the AIN 09995000XXXX to it. That should work until my fix is ready.

My fix has been merged. The issue should be solved in the current snapshot version.

Thanks Christoph, Great to hear - I’ll test it this evening.

Hi, I got the Comet DECT devices and get this too (using the current snapshot version):

2018-02-04 22:28:10.327 [WARN ] [.binding.avmfritz.handler.BoxHandler] - Channel device_locked in thing avmfritz:Comet_DECT:192_168_XXX_XXX:109710XXXXXX does not exist, please recreate the thing

Hi T,

Have a look here