Backup and restore breaking OH 2.0.0

i hope i am here in the right category…
I used today the official recommend backup method:
After some tests i had to do i decided to restore my taken backup, also via the recommend way.
After doing this OH is no longer starting. It hangs in the startup process when i check the status of openhab2.service.

Unfortunately there is no log entry in the openhab or events log in /var/log/openhab2.

Is there any other log which should tell me why my taken backup breaks the startup process?


just found this: Why is there no real Backup and Restore concept?
This user also seems to have issues with the documented way…

i did a complete fresh instalation on my pi0w of openhabian 1.2.
By the first start i have choosen “expert”. After everything was working i have stopped the service and performed the backup steps.
Then wiped all data as recommend in the manual and restored the backup. Then i started the service, but it stuck at “Launching the openHAB runtime”.
And here it stuck forever and no entry in the openhab log or event log. No Web UI, nothing.

What am i doing wrong?