Badges with temperature - customization

Is it possible to select the temperatures that are taken into account for the calculation of the value displayed as a badge?
For example, I have Flora sensors that report temperatures other than the environment and I would like to see them in the Locations tab, but not take them into the badge value calculations.
Same song with the temperature values for the AC and the heating system as two separate systems (so AC Setpoint underestimate Setpoint of heating system and mess up final value)- in this case I would also like to exclude both systems (or switch seasonally) from the Setpoint calculation for temperature but see them in the Location tab.
Is there such a possibility of personalization or just take it or leave it?

This is one of the few places where you are encouraged to have a point in the semantic model that is a direct member of a location. If a location has a temperature point as a direct member, then that temperature point is shown in the location badge instead of the average of all the equipment temperatures in that location.

Here’s an example. In my bedroom I have a motion sensor with temperature. I also have a motion sensor with temperature in my bedroom closet and both of those sensor are equipment in my bedroom location. But I don’t want the location temperature badge to be the average of those two temperatures, so in addition to having the bedroom temperature as a point in the sensor equipment, I have also added that point to the location group itself:

Now you can see that the badge shows only that temperature (closet temp at the moment is 73.5 so the average would be 71.8 if both temps were being used).


Thank you JustinG, it works as described :slight_smile:
Did you manage to hide the Properties tab or did you leave both (Equipment + Properties)?

I leave them both. In practice, I rarely if ever use the properties side of the card, but it doesn’t take up that much space so it’s not worth getting rid of just in case I need it.