Two temperatures shown in location tab

I had in different rooms different temperature sensors. I found this while searching, but I did not like the solution, because this sensors are part of a thermostat, or an netatmo sensor, shelly… They are part of of an equipment and I did not want to move them out of the logical order. My average temperature seems to work, but I also have a second temperature in the title inside brackets. I have actually no real idea, what is the second value. The first value in kitchen is the addition from the thermostat and a second sensor divided by two. Examples:


You do not have to move the item for this solution. A single temperature item can be both a part of the thermostat equipment and the location and show up appropriately in the model and model cards. See this example:

You can see this point item is in both an equipment group and a location group.

This is just finer grained semantic information. Not only can you have multiple temperature points in that location, but you have temperature measurement points AND temperature setpoint points. If a location has both of the these then the card will show Measurement (setpoint) for the temps. If you have more than one measurement and haven’t used the solution above than the displayed measurement temperature will be the average of all the temperature measurement points. If you have more than one setpoint (e.g., a cool threshold and a warm threshold on a thermostat), then the displayed setpoint will be the average of the temperature setpoint points.

I don’t understand the explanation about the setpoints for the bracket value. Here is an not so complex example of an other bathroom:

What is the secret behind the 19,7°C? I don’t get it. The only device for measurement I have in this room is a AVM DECT 301 thermostat.

19.7 is the average of 17, 21, and 21. Those three item states are being averaged because of the combination of semantic point and class tags that you have given them. Thermostat-Temperatursollwert is obviously a setpoint but without seeing the definitions of Thermostat-Absenktemperatur and Themostat-Komfortemperetur I can’t tell you exactly why they are also inlcuded in the calculation.

One point that I should emphasize here: The semantic model is very much intended as a short cut for direct interaction. Not every OH item needs to be included in the model, and not even every item that is associated with a device needs to be included in the equipment for that device. If some item is not likely to be used by a regular user or doesn’t offer and regularly functional information to the user then consider not even including it in the model.

I got it! The other values had in the semantic model also a “Setpoint Temperature”, because they could be changed in the UI of the AVM FRITZ!Box, so I thought that Setpoint was right to change this values over openHAB. I did not realized that there was no UI element to change the value. Now I changed them to “Status Temperature” and the result in the location tab is meaningful. The measured value has only a small difference to the target value. Next step to a great smart home solution. Thank you so much!

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