Basic UI disapears after reboot


almost everytime I reboot my raspberry or restart the service of openhab 2, the basic UI disapears and I get an HTTP Error 404.

To fix it I have to go to PaperUI and reinsall the Basic UI.

Is there a solution for this?

How does your /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg file look like?

Do you have any UIs defined there?

ui = basic,paper,habpanel,habmin

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have just

ui = paper

defined. What I thought is, if I enable it in Paper UI it will be there for ever?! As I do not define add-ons in any cfg’s.

Do I have to define ntp, yahoo wheather etc. Bindings as well in cfg? Where is the benefit then of insalling Bindings through the UI?

Well… if you use the addons.cfg and define something there, it works explicitly (only that setting applies).

If you leave it by default (no UIs defined), you can control what happens by Paper UI (install/un-install Add-Ons) and these choices will remain valid even after restart.
If you define only 1 UI there, openHAB 2 will use ONLY that one and will uninstall any other UI (even if you install it from Paper UI) on the next restart.

In general: *.cfg files take precedence over what you do in the UIs. Same logic applies to all Add-Ons (Bindings, persistence, UIs, etc) but also to items, links and things.

So, to fix the problem that you are experiencing (BasicUI gets uninstalled after OH2 restart):
a) Don’t set any UI in addons.cfg and work with Paper UI
b) Define every UI that you want to use in the addons.cfg file

(I hope that I explained it correctly :slight_smile:)

Hey Dim,

thanks I went with your solutuin A. And it worked so far that I stoped and started the service of openhab2 and still all settings are there.
I guess it will be still there if I reboot.

Thank you for your help.

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