Static IP affects BasicUI


I’ve got an odd one here. I’ve got OpenHAB on a Raspberry PI 3 and the IP for it kept changing due to multiple devices being used on the same network. I changed the dynamic IP into a Static IP using the instructions found here:

Once that was done, I had an error that kept showing up whenever I tried to get into the BasicUI, exactly like here:

But I’ve got nothing active in the addons.cfg. All I’ve got is #ui= .
I’ve changed it back to a dynamic IP address and the BasicUI is working again but for my project, we need it to be a Static IP.
Is there any way that this issue could be solved?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, are you allowed to do address reservations in your router? That’s how I’m set up.

Not sure what the cause of your issue is, but I do have openHABian on an RPi3 with a static IP, and I don’t have an issue with BasicUI. What browser are you using? Can you try cleaning your browser cache?

Just to be sure, everything in addons.cfg needs to be commented out, not just the UIs line. If you have any line in this file it will uninstall everything from the categories that are commented out.


Thank you for the replies. I think I may have fixed the issue. So when I came in this morning the BasicUI wasn’t working even though I commented the lines in the dhcpcd.conf:

interface eth0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

So I checked the addons.cfg file to see if there were any lines uncommented. There weren’t any, so I rebooted it using sudo reboot. The BasicUI started working but couldn’t find the sitemap. So I uninstalled the BasicUI from the PaperUI and re-installed it. It started working again. I then uncommented the lines from above in dhcpcd.conf file and tried the BasicUI. It was still working, so I then switched the Raspberry PI off and waited half an hour before switching it on again to see if the error showed up again. It is working fine.
So I guess the sudo reboot may have solved the issue. I got quite confused with this issue as I already used OpenHAB on Firefox multiple times without any issues. I already had a Loxone Miniserver connected to the router using a static IP and the addons.cfg file had all of its lines commented.
Hopefully this issue won’t come up again.
Thank you again for your help.

Or the reinstall of BasicUI…