Basic UI - Problems Sort order and Presentation of Values


i am using OH 2.00 with activated basic ui and paper ui.
In paper ui i configured all my things and items. I also put my groups in here to represend my items in a structure.
That automatism works pretty good on my created sitemap:

    Frame label="Haus" {
Group item=gFirstFloor
    Group item=gGroundFloor

But how can i sort the order of the content of the groups?
e.g. in gFirstFloor are Office, Wardrobe, Bathroom. And in there my items. But in a sorted way i like to change.

The second problem is, that my Temperatures are just empty. In the habAdmin Sitemap it works and in habPanel it works either.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!

If I am not wrong, the order is based on the way you list them within your *.items file(s).
I don’t know how it’s done if you have defined everything via PaperUI… Maybe you can’t change the order and you should either use *.items files or configure your sitemap with the individual groups in the order that you want.

For example, I have groups.items: (I use different files for groups and items linked to bindings… one per binding)

/* Control Groups */
Group	All
Group	gGF		(All)
/* Group Ground Floor */
Group	GF_P11_Living		"P11 Living"		<sofa>			(gGF)
Group	GF_P08_Kitchen		"P08 Kitchen"		<kitchen>		(gGF)
Group	GF_P06_Office		"P06 Office"		<office>		(gGF)

And this is the order that they are displayed in my sitemap when using the group:

Frame {
		Group item=gGF label="Ground Floor" icon="groundfloor"

Post your *.items file to check it… oops… PaperUI you wrote… hmmm…

It’s empty. Because in 2.00 i have to use Paper UI to create the Devices like Jeelink, Homematic …
Or is it possible to deactivate the JsonDB, respectively Paper UI?

You could use a combination: Fix your Things in PaperUI (with discovery etc) and then create *.items files that link the items to the channels of the Things (copy the channel name from the Thing in PaperUI)

This is what I do (and many others)… This combo gives you maximum control.
You will need to switch off “Simple Mode” in PaperUI->Configuration->System->Item Linking if you want to see (read only) the items in PaperUI.

Okay. Do you mean copy & pasteof the ITEMS or the CHANNELS from paper UI to a new myItems.items?

I have following thing:
Lacrosse Temperature Sensor

Thing for a Lacrosse Temperature Sensor connected to a JeeLink USB Receiver.

with Channel:
The temperature read from the sensor.

and linked item:
Temperature (Temp_Sleepingroom_Temperature)

Copy the channel name from the Thing in PaperUI and use it in an item definition within a new myItems.items file

Example (from a Z-Wave Thing):
Get the channel name:

Use it in an items file (mine is called ZWave.items)

Number	FibEye01_Temp		"FE01 Temperature: [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node2:sensor_temperature"}

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Ultimately you have very little control over how members of a Group are displayed on the sitemap when using the Group element. I’m not certain @dim’s recommendatins will work or not as I’ve not done any tests or looked at the code to see how it determines the order but I’m sure you will find soon that you will want to do things like hide Items based by value, change its color based on value, change how it is displayed (e.g. display a Switch as a Text element) insert a Chart, etc. None of this is possible using the Group element in the sitemap.

Even though it is more work, I recommend using :slight_smile:

Text item=gFirstFloor {
    Frame {
        // list each Item individually with customizations