BasicUI and PaperUI not working after upgrade to lastest snapshot

I did an upgrade using apt-get upgrade on my ubuntu openhab2 server to the latest snapshot. Afterwards I got several error messages and it seems it can’t install the features “basic-ui, paper-ui,…” but not sure how to fix it. I tried to reboot, did a backup but before uninstalling wanted to check if it could be anything else?

09:26:10.634 [ERROR] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-package-“standard”’: No matching features for openhab-package-“standard”/0.0.0

[ERROR] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-ui-“basic, openhab-misc-“openhabcloud, openhab-binding-yahooweather, openhab-ui-habpanel”, openhab-binding-“harmonyhub, openhab-binding-sonos”, openhab-binding-astro, openhab-binding-knx1, openhab-misc-dropbox1”, openhab-persistence-“rrd4j”, openhab-misc-hueemulation, openhab-ui-paper’: Error:
Error downloading mvn:org.openhab.core/org.openhab.ui.paperui/2.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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Try this:

  • Stop the OpenHAB service;
  • Delete the contents of the folders \tmp and .cache (in userdata folder). Don’t delete the folders themselves, just the contents.
  • Start the OpenHAB service;

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Thanks! I tried to look for existing case, but didn’t go through the new thread completely. I downgraded to 1068 for now as some of the details are a bit too complicated for me for now.

Maybe you should switch to the stable versions better. Snapshot version are for people who want to find and test bugs.

If you really want to use snapshot versions in your productive system, you might want to set up a second system and test the new builds before you put them into the productive system.