BasicUI and Slider item => no values visable


I’m using the BasicUI and have the following item:

Dimmer  n1c3    "PFLANZENNAME1 Bodenfeuchtigkeit min [%d %%]"   <water> (gGF_irrigation01) { channel="mysensors:humidity:gateway:n1c3:hum" }

[%d %%] works fine in the classicUI. It shows the percentage the Dimmer is set to. In the basicUI there is nothing left of the percentage string. The Text and the slider are fine.



Bug, Usererror or works as designed?

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Same question here… Any answer?

The value is even missing for simple switch elements.
I proposed a fix to add the value and until now I got a very mitigate feedback ! The result is considered ugly !
In case my proposal is not rejected, I could add the value for the dimmer too.
Wait and pray lol

Thanks a lot! That would be great @Lolodomo

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

Issue opened:

Thanks again!

You can also use a Setpoint in your sitemap instead of a Dimmer. With the min and max values you can even protect your precious plants from hazardous conditions. :slight_smile:

Setpoint item=<itemname> [label="<labelname>"] [icon="<iconname>"] minValue=<min value> maxValue=<max value> step=<step value>

For a live example, see the Temperature Setpoint in the online Demo.