Berlin meetup

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(Thomas Bail) #34

Hu 26th is in my calendar, but i need a rest 2nd of September would be beeter for me

(Simon Tennant) #35

Signup here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

(Thomas Bail) #36

Hey Guys,

have fun today. Unfortunately i am not able to attend today. Hopefully next time.


(Simon Tennant) #37

I’d like to arrange another meetup on Sunday 20th January to give us a chance to show off our Christmas rule hacking and perhaps also arrange two longer form presentations. The folks at Mayflower have also offered up their office space near Görlitzer Park.

If there is interest I’ll get rolling on announcements.

(Thomas Bail) #38

I would like to join


(David Graeff) #39

I would attend as well. Could also present about the new MQTT binding or changes to the hue binding and hue emulation service.

Having this (Paper UI: Change first page) on the agenda for discussion could be sweet.

Cheers, David

(Simon Tennant) #40

@David_Graeff it sounds like we have our first talk(s). All of those topics sound great.

@holger_hees can we tempt you to describe another area of your home setup? Your last talk on KNX and power consumption was fascinating. I see that you have done a lot of thought about presence, weather and heating controls (and remember a 30% heating reduction comment). Would you have time to talk us through your heating setup?

(Patrick Fink) #41

I’m in! I could present my newest project: Battery-less BLE wall switches :slight_smile:

(Simon Tennant) #42

@pfink should EnOcean be worried? Yes.

So far we have:

  • The new MQTT Binding
  • Hue Binding + Emulation service
  • Batteryless wall switches
  • hopefully persuade @rtreffer to talk about HCL lighting.

Discuss: PaperUi RFC

(Patrick Fink) #43

In fact no, because EnOcean also manufactures the battery-less BLE radio module :smiley:

(Holger Hees) #44

I would be in too.

@imaginator I can also talk about my heating control.

(Simon Tennant) #45

@holger_hees Looking forward to that!

Meetup is now live: Looking forward to seeing everyone.

(Patrick Fink) #46

One more topic I could present: Since openHAB 2.3, there is a quite less-known and barely documented core feature called Profiles. I already use Profiles heavily in my setup and could save a lot of rules with them while improving the maintainability of the configuration at the same time. Currently I’m preparing a PR for the user documentation of Profiles.

(David Graeff) #47

That would be really sweet. I’m still struggling with profiles.

(Patrick Fink) #48

If you can’t wait for 2019: This is the current draft, it’s already 90% completed :slight_smile:

(Mario Behling) #49

Hi, we recently released our Open Hardware board for sensors - the Pocket Science Lab ( Would love to give a short presentation or shout-out about the project depending on how much time there might be still available. Looks relatively full already the schedule, but a shout-out would be great :slight_smile:

(Simon Tennant) #50

@Mario_Behling looks like an amazing device. I’m sure we can find 5 mins in the schedule.
cheeky question: any chance of a giveaway/sponsoring best speaker of the day prize?

(Mario Behling) #51

Hi Simon, yes, 5 mins are great. Thank you! Device as a give-away is difficult. Will be easier once we sell a few more. But, I could offer a Tshirt from our last FOSSASIA Summit. Maybe you could combine this with something else?

(Felix) #52

Hi guys,

Did see the event tweet and I’m looking forward to join you next Sunday.
I see myself still more or less as an newbie in regard to openHAB who still has only dipped his to toe into the vast possibilities - so no talks from myself for this time. Let’s see what future meetings might bring :wink:

Looking forward to meet contributors and fellow users,

(David Graeff) #53

Unfortunately I have to cancel. I will still be in NRW at that time, due to unforeseen events :confused:

@imaginator @holger_hees