Beta testing app for Tizen (Samsung) smart watches

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Hi everyone!

New to the community but long time openHAB user. Long story short; for a while I’ve been tinkering on an app for Tizen based smart watches. I.e. Samsung Gear and Galaxy watches. It’s a stand-alone application using the openHAB REST api to fetch and display a sitemap on the watch. It works very much in the same way Basic UI does, except that it doesn’t support all sitemap elements.

Is there anyone here who’d be willing to take it for a test drive before I try to publish on the Samsung app store?

If so, I see two alternatives.

  1. If you have a Gear S3 or later Samsung watch running at least Tizen 3 paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone I can add your samsung account to a beta test group in the Galaxy app store.
    In a perfect world it would be as easy as sharing a link, but Samsung don’t allow public betas for watch apps and there’s also a requirement on a Samsung Galaxy phone for beta testing watch apps :frowning:

    If you have the required hardware combo and are willing to share your samsung account e-mail this is the easiest way.
    One disclaimer though; since I don’t have a Samsung phone myself I haven’t been able to test how the beta flow actually works.

  2. The second alternative is to clone the git repo or download a release tarball.
    Install a recent version of node/npm, then run: npm install; npm start

    You can then try it out with a browser on http://localhost:8080/, preferably with Google Chrome since that’s the rendering engine for web apps on the watch. Bear in mind that you need to get around CORS when running this way. Have a look at the repo README for instructions.

You can of course install on a watch from the source, but that requires tools from Tizen Studio and Samsung developer certificates which is a bit cumbersome to set up.

What I’m mostly interested in, if you choose to accept the challenge, is if there are problems with specific sitemap configurations. I.e. are there configurations that breaks the app. The repo README lists sitemap elements which are at least to some extent supported.

I’m also very curious about the behaviour on LTE devices. Since there’s no authentication support in the app it can really only be run on local networks, but I have no idea how LTE devices route the traffic.

The app has mostly been tested against openHAB 2.4, but should work with 2.3 and 2.5 as well. Due to changes in the REST api earlier versions won’t work. It works fine with the openHAB demo setup and of course with my own setup, which isn’t overly complicated.


It’s now published to the Samsung Galaxy Store,

A special thanks to @stefaanbolle for beta testing before release.


Looks good so far, is it also possible to connect via myopenhab? In my understanding it should because it also supports basic authentication via https. Cannot test currently but will give it a try as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Good to hear!

It will be possible to connect via myopenhab in version 1.2, which is currently in the Samsung review process.
The version (1.1) currently published in the Galaxy store doesn’t have authentication support.

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Ok, that explains why I saw your implementation for basic authentication in your repo :slight_smile:
I will report my feedback!

Hi, I have also created a tizen app for galaxy watch. It is currently in samsung review and in beta testing. You can checkout this video how it looks and what all functionality is there.

Darn, I have an older Gear S2 (which runs Tizen 2), so I guess I’m out of luck. I can’t blame you for starting your support at Tizen 3, but if you want to test it on Tizen 2 then I’d be happy to help.

@rpwong Download the beta app. Link is in youtube video.

The beta app won’t install, with this error message.

“You are not authorized to test this app or the test period has expired. Try using this app once it is officially released in Galaxy Apps.”

@rpwong my bad, this beta version is for closed group. If you are ok to share your samsung Id. I will add it in beta testers.