Betatest - Renault ZE Services Binding

I created a Renault ZE Services Binding. You can download it for Beta-Testing

Renaul ZE Services Binding - Jar-File @googledrive

Just put it in the addons folder and it will appear in the Paper UI. Setting up is easy, just enter your ZE-Services credentials.

After initialising it will request the server every 5 Minutes for an update. The currenty provided switch to update the server data manualy (“Refresh”) is not yet implemented.
I should also mention it yet only tested with an Renault ZOE.

If there are any questions or comments please feel free to answer below.

Rudi TB


Since I was allowed to alpha test, here are my items

DateTime    RenaultZEServices_Zoe_LastServerRequest     "Last Server Request [%1$tT, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"                <time>  (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:last_request"}
DateTime    RenaultZEServices_Zoe_LastUpdate    "Last Update [%1$tT, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"                <time>  (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:last_update"}
Number      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_ChargeLevel   "Charge Level [%.1f %%]"  <battery>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:charge_level"}
Number      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_RemainingRange   "Remaining Range [%.1f KM]"  <pressure>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:remaining_range"}
Number      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_RemainingTime   "Remaining Charge Time [%.1f Min]"  <time>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:remaining_time"}
Switch      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Plugged   "Plugged"  <zoeplugged>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:plugged"}
Switch      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Charging  "Charging"  <zoecharging>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:charging"}
Switch      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Refresh "Refresh Data"  <settings>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:refresh"}
String      RenaultZEServices_Zoe_ChargingPoint "Charging Point"  <energy>   (gZoe)  {channel="renaultzeservices:renaultzeservices:06e3a3ec:charging_point"}

and my sitemap

Frame label="Zoe" {
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_ChargeLevel
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_RemainingRange
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_LastServerRequest
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_LastUpdate
    Switch item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Plugged
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_ChargingPoint visibility=[RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Plugged==ON]
    Switch item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Charging visibility=[RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Plugged==ON]
    Text item=RenaultZEServices_Zoe_RemainingTime visibility=[RenaultZEServices_Zoe_Charging==ON]

Works fine since 4 weeks, THANK YOU RUDI

Looks good. I tried to set it up, but after putting the jar file it into the
folder, I got no updated inbox.
After manually adding it to
binding = weather1, astro, zwave, …, renaultzeservices
, I now get
2019-04-13 12:38:36.887 [INFO ] [thome.model.lsp.internal.ModelServer] - Started Language Server Protocol (LSP) service on port 5007
2019-04-13 12:38:36.921 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-renaultzeservices’

Any ideas?

Hello Micha,

there is no inbox entry by default. As there is no device which can send a “I’m here message” you have to add the renault ze services thing by hand. To do so in Paper UI go to inbox and press the + Button in the left upper corner (I’m currenty not yet allowed to send pictures so I have to describe). You then will see the list of your intalled bindings. If everything is correct, You should see the “Renault Z.E. Services Binding” which you have to choose by clicking the small arrow on the rigtht side. You will get a new screen on which you have to choose " Renault ZE Services Vehicle" again by clicking on the small arrow on the right. After that you get the configuration screen where you have to fill out your Renault ZE Services credentials. Thats it.

Hi rudi.tb,
thanks for the hint - that might help after I see the binding - but I don’t.
Is the binding spelled correct in the addons.cfg (renaultzeservices)?

It is a openHAB2 Binding. So as I understand you shouldn’t put it into the addons.cfg file. So please remove the renaultzeservices from the addons.cfg file and maybe reload the Paper UI in the Browser. In my case the Binding appears under “Configuration/Bindings” in the Paper UI.

What is your current Release? Mine is a 2.4 Release.


Maybe the jar file has not the right permission (755). Or you have choosen the wrong folder. The folder depends on how you installed openHAB (LINK)

Now it works - I had to restart the server…
Great, thanks Rudi!

@chrode: Could you provide the icons for zoeplugged and zoecharging, please?

@michel53 As I’m still testing, which car you have connected to Renault ZE Services? And second can you make a screenshot when you have finished the installation.


zoe_charging-off zoe_charging-on zoe_driving zoe_plugged-off zoe_plugged-on

They are not very beautiful, maybe I will post an update some day if I have some time :wink:

Great, thanks for the icons!

@rudi.tb: We are using a ZOE, will have to check for the exact type.
I will make a screenshot when installation is finished.
At the moment, my openhab system is crashed - I did an update yesterday that failed…:cry:

Here is the promised screenshot:

I have some more questions:

  • The logfile shows an entry like
    “Renault ZE Services Vehicle Token expiration date : 2019-04-18T10:22:29”
    every 5 min (on every update). This fills the log somehow. Could you remove it in a future version?
  • The “Plugged” and “Charging” Channels are shown as switches. Are they really writable??? Otherwise I would keep the items as switch, but show them as text in the sitemap.

I am really happy with the binding. Thanks for the great work.

Thanks for the positive commitment. Yes you are right, it shows up the in log every 5 Minutes the token message. It was for me to debug. I will make them optional in the next release.
“Plugged” and “Charging” are really switches, but only readable, so you can’t change them. So it makes sense to show them in the sitemap as text.
My next goal is to program the preheating or precooling abilitiy. But this will take some more time.

One actual observation while charging: somehow, the communication got stuck:
I got log messages
“Renault ZE Services Vehicle Token expiration date : 2019-04-18T11:22:53”
with the same date for over an hour, plus
“Communication error occurred while getting Renault ZE Services information:”
I was able to repair this by clearing all “Renault ZE Services User Credentials” in Paper UI - they are auto-recreated anyways.
Maybe you could auto-repair the communication / the token in such a case?

Oh yes, finally! :slight_smile: I’ve been searching for a ZOE-binding for quite a while now (and was already heavily scratching my head on whether I myself would maybe sometime in theory be able / capable to write one). Thanks! I’m currently not home - will give it a try next week…

For me it would be important that this Binding also has the “start charging now”-call to the Renault server implemented as this is important to be able to automatically start charging depending on the Home’s situation (e.g. when enough PV power is available). Is this already possible with the binding?

Best regards,

Yes this happens from time to time also to me. But after I have cleaned the entries it reconnected as in your case and since than it worked for weeks now for me and chrode never had have this problem. So it is difficult to figure out why it happens. But I will try to figure out and also try to overthing my autohealing process.

Unfortunately not yet. But I will have a look if this is possible (I guess it should) as I think, this is a good point.

Thanks! Additional information/ explanation: The ZOE seems to go into some kind of “sleep” mode when being plugged into a charging station which is not yet unlocked (so that the charging cannot directly start after being plugged in) - when the charging station then later is being unlocked (in my case when there is enough PV power available), then the ZOE does not automatically start to charge but has to be woken up via the app (or via the respective API call). :slight_smile:

BTW: I’m using a Go-e Charger which is controlled from OpenHAB.

Best regards,

BTW: I’m using a Go-e Charger which is controlled from OpenHAB.

Same for me…:slightly_smiling_face: