Binding compatible with Yale Linus door lock?

Does anyone know what binding can operate the Yale Linus smart lock and the Yale Connect WLAN Bridge?

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I created an improvement request ticket: Add support for Yale Linus Smart Lock, Bridge, and the Keypad · Issue #14754 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

You can try this marketpkace binding. I’ve had good success with my August lock.

I could finally test the binding with the Linus Smart Lock and it works. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, @JustinG !

I just added a Yale YRD430 Assure 2 lock with z-wave; The z-wave Github page suggests it is supported. After moving to the SNAPSHOT the binding picked up and seems happy with it. But OpenHAB is not interacting with it. No states change and no log entries are made when changing the door lock position and the battery state is not being read. @chris, am I missing something on my end or is the binding not fully communicating with the device?

Hi, @DaveL.

I’m not sure which binding you are using. If you are using Yale/August smart locks with WiFi support [3.3.0;3.5.0) then it would be better writing on that thread.
If you are not using it, have you tried it? It may help you.

In any case, you better set whatever binding you are using to Trace logging mode and check the logs to see what they report.

Hi @nelson.aponte. I acually did specify the binding; this lock is z-wave, not WiFi. If the z-wave binding is not yet able to support the Assure 2 locks I could change to a WiFi module (and that may represent some connectivity benefits for me) but in my experience with August locks the battery life is significantly degraded. Maybe it’s gotten better with the newer Yale communication modules?

I still use an august lock with the August/Yale binding, and my experience has been not only exactly opposite, but dramatically so. When the august lock was on z-wave, I had to change the batteries every 5 - 6 weeks or so. With the august wifi bridge and august binding I went 8 months before the first battery change, I’m four months into that new set and still at 86%. Here’s my chart, see if you can identify when I switched over:

Couple that with the fact that the battery operated locks on z-wave won’t accept incoming commands unless you wake them up first (which means you can’t send an unlock command unless you’ve just woken the lock up…by unlocking with the app first or opening the door), and, in my experience there’s no comparison.

I would suggest opening a separate thread because this one is related to the Yale Linus. In the future it would be easier for other users with your same problem to find the outcome of the discussion if you have a separate one.

I have an August Gen3 z-wave lock and a Gen4 WiFi lock, and I’m forever changing out those expensive 123 batteries in the Gen4 (I haven’t mapped this out as you have). Maybe I just have a turd :rofl: