Binding for Legrand Celiane with Netatmo


I’ve build a nice working configuration with both Philips Hue bulbs and Legrand MyHome Play switches (using OpenWebNet Binding beta5 and Legrand USB/Zigbee stick 088328).

I plan to purchase wall outlets and switches from the new ‘Legrand Celiane with Netatmo’ product range. This product range is incompatible with former Legrand MyHome Play product range (that may become obsolete). The new ‘Legrand Celiane with Netatmo’ uses a modern REST API co-developed with Netatmo.

Is somebody working on a binding ?

@Massimo: I don’t know if equivalent switches and outlets are already available at Bticino.



Where did you get this info? Official Legrand support in France ?

Not that I know, but it could be a nice new binding to work on.
Anybody interested to collaborate?

Yes, starting from September, the wireless connected line, based on this gateway:

Living Now by BTicino


This products range works with zigbee 3.0
I do not know if a usb zigbee 3.0 key will be sold.
myhome play and xxx with netatmo should be compatible soon


Here it says that Zigbee 3.0 is retro-compatible:

Designed for forward and backward compatibility

  • Legacy devices may join a Zigbee 3.0 network
  • Zigbee 3.0 devices will join legacy networks

it should be tested in fact…


Is the REST API open ?

Hello to everyone. i’m new in this forum but i’m practicing in openhab from few months.
I’m interested to buy the new connected components from Biticino/Legrand.
I’m interested to use the gateway:
associated to the following controllers for roller shutters
Are this components supported by the “Biticino Add On”?
Anyone have tried this configuration?
Thanks a lot

No, since these two Living Now components are quite new, and use a completely different integration protocol, they are not currently supported by the BTicino Add On or binding.

Any news with this?

I plan to buy Legrand zigbee devices, and binding would be great.