Prerequisite for Legrand Celiane with Netatmo / BTicino Living Now binging development

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I’ve passed a full day to understand how to use the Legrand API and OAuth2 to manage my Celiane with Netatmo devices.

I have some shell scripts using curl working. So I have the base to start to develop an openHAB binding.

This should work with BTicino Living Now as well. :grinning:

I’m facing a little issue on how to share the code I plan to write.

In fact, after having signed up with my Works with Legrand account and having subscribed to the starter kit, I have to bind my developer account with my customer account that it used to control my devices.

So, all identifiers and credentials are unique for me since I have to use a subscription key, a client id and secret (related to the binding I have to declare as an application) and also personal redirect URI to use the API.

I think I have to follow the way the BTicinoSmarther binding is working but IMHO, the need to create a developer account for each user of the binding is not very user friendly.


Hi Pascal
What is the motivation or use-case for this binding?

If you have the BUS system and a openwebnet-compatible gateway (like MyHOMEServer1) you can use the already official OpenWebNet binding.

If you have the new wireless systems like Celian with Netatmo, BTicino Living Now or BTicino LivingLight Smart (all using standard ZigBee 3.0) then you can use a 10$ ZigBee USB stick and the already existing official ZigBee binding.

Note that by using local protocols (OpenWebNet / ZigBee 3.0) to integrate with openhab, your system will still works even if the connection to the cloud is interrupted.
Also I have heard from other users that the Works with Legrand API introduces unacceptable delays , like in the order of 1-2sec, to perform each commands or detect a change from physical system.

That is why a local protocol integration is very much preferred, especially if it’s already available!

see also the previous discussion from June:

Hi Massimo,

I have no SCS BUS system.
I have a few MyHomePlay legacy devices, bought in 2014 / 2015 (integrated in openHAB using your binding).

I have started to extend my home automation with the new ‘with Netatmo’ line of Legrand products and replace the few MyHomePlay I already own (I’m still waiting for the replacement of my double switches 067234).

I know that I can pair ‘with Netatmo’ devices with a ZigBee USB stick but in this case, I lost the firmware updates and I can no longer use the Home+Control (need for some advanced settings).

So, my goal is to have the best of the two worlds: Legrand ecosystem and openHAB integration.

Yes, it is to bad that Legrand provides no local API like Philips with Hue system.



As netatmo is mentioned, are you aware of the netatmo binding?
Maybe the new API could be added to this binding in case it make sense and avoid you lots of recoding.

The Netatmo binding is dedicated for the original Netatmo line of products (Personal Weather Station, Thermostat, Indoor Camera / Welcome, Outdoor Camera / Presence) before the firm was acquired by Legrand. This binding requires a Netatmo developer account and the creation of an application. The set of APIs is close to the Legrand with Netatmo line of product but not compatible.

The closest binding to the one I plan to develop is the BTicinoSmarther binding. This second binding requires a Legrand developer account and also the creation of an application. I will check if this binding may be extended since the account and application creation appears to be identical (same operating mode).


Hi Massi.
Using a zigbee 3.0 dongle means don’t use the gateway. So no firmware updates, and no notify in case of blackout.
Any hope to see a homekit integration like in home assistant?
For many people a 1-2 seconds delay is ok. I just want turn off light when roller shutter open. and turn off a light 15 minutes later than is turned off…

I do not know how this is done in Home Assistant. Maybe HA is a client for homekit ?

Regarding the main topic here: I do not think anyone is currently trying to integrate Works with Legrand APIs with openHAB.

Ciao Massimo,
have you found any way (API) to connect Bticino smart devices (connected to fc80gt gatewy) ?