BTicino Home + Control binding

Hello Community,

Is anyone out there already working on a binding for BTicino Home + Control ?

Home + Control system has its own set of API to manage “Legrand/Bticino with Netatmo” products, maintained by Legrand.

I’m interested in contributing to existing projects on that or start building a new one. Searching in the community and on the Internet, it seems noone is actually working on that…

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


There is an open pull request:

Thanks @hilbrand.
I know about the work from @mvalla and his PR for OWN Binding, used by the BTicino MyHome domotic system.
The one I’m asking for above AFAIK is a different protocol, used by Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo products :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Really nice set of APIs, unfortunately I do have the MyHomeUp system otherwise I would have been happy to collaborate on the new API support.

It looks way better than the Openwebnet protocol used on MyHomeUp :slight_smile:

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My opinion & architecture consideration: OH should aim at using local connectivity/APIs as much as possible, not only for performance reasons, but also for reliability (works even if adsl is down) and of course privacy reasons.
Cloud APIs such as “Legrand/Bticino with Netatmo” should be used for cloud2cloud integrations, for example towards Alexa/Google Home assistants or other integration frameworks like IFTTT.

For BTicino-OH integration:

  • in case the BTicino gateway supports the local OpenWebNet protocol, this protocol should be preferred IMHO -> OpenWebNet binding (still work in progress… help needed!)
  • OWN protocol is not supported in newer wireless systems like Living Now. Also, apparently these new systems do not offer local APIs (at least not documented). Luckily the network is ZigBee 3.0. There are examples of successful connections between ZigBee USB controllers like CC2531 (already supported by OH) and BTicino Living Now switches/plugs: see here. They say zigbee2mqtt module can talk to Living Now, and they use it to integrate with Home Assistant (I did not test it, as I have no Living Now items for the moment). This allows to avoid to buy or install the Living Now gw, because the gw roles could be provided by OH. This means that with some luck&experimentation the OH2 ZigBee binding could support these new devices too. Which means no code to develop and local control via ZigBee protocol: the best solution!

In conclusion, I am not saying that integration with BTicino cloud APIs is useless, in fact it’s the only option probably in the case of the Smarther Thermostat, and thus the reason for the excellent binding work by @Mr_Ronfo.

In other cases however local connection should be preferred when available.


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Hi @massi, I tottally agree with you on the architecture level.

Perhaps, do you know whether the Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo products suite is compatible with some local protocol ?
As far as I’ve gone with my researches, seems to me that OWN is not supported in this case…


I understand it’s like:

  • for MyHOME: MyHOME Device <--OpenWebNet--> Gateway (MyHOMEServer1) <--ADSL--> Legrand cloud (Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo API) <--Internet--> other (cloud) systems (eg Alexa)
  • for Living Now: Living Now Device <--ZigBee 3.0--> Gateway (K4500C) <--ADSL--> Legrand cloud (Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo API) <--Internet--> other (cloud) systems (eg Alexa)

As said Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo API is ok for cloud2cloud integration, but not for local access like OH should target.
So in the case of Living Now, OH2 integration should be like:

Living Now Device <--ZigBee 3.0--> ZigBee USB Stick (CC2531) + OH2 ZigBee binding + OH2 <--ADSL/Internet--> other (cloud) systems (eg Alexa)

Indeed. So, in the end, it seems to me that for Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo products suite the only available option at the moment would be to integrate the C2C API as no existing local protocols are suitable…

OpenWebNet and ZigBee 3.0 are local protocols.
Why would you want integrate the 2 systems (MyHOME and Living Now) to OH via cloud API when there are local protocols available?

I don’t want to :slight_smile: I was just wondering how to integrate the “Legrand/BTicino with Netatmo” products.
For example, ATM I have found no way different than the cloud API to integrate the new Smarther2 chronothermostat - which is integrated with Netatmo thermostat valves but seems to me can’t be controlled via OWN nor ZigBee.
Will check deeper…

as said before, Smarther offers no local protocol AFAIK (no ZigBee, no OpenWebNet, no “on device” API through WiFi), so it’s only possible to use cloud APIs, which I guess is what you did in your BTicino Smarther binding.

Correct guess.

I’m writing here because recently I’ve added new Legrand Home + Control devices to my home. I’m interested in connecting those devices to openhab in order to make more complex automations.
I’ve looked at the documentation of the APIs “Works with Legrand” but as I understood they are limited to 500 requests/day. I don’t really know how polling works in openhab addons but I don’t think 500 it’s enough.

However, I’ve found out that Home + Control is compatible with Homekit. The nice thing here is that Homekit uses local APIs to interact with the Gateway. After a quick search I’ve found out that there is an integration, called HomeKit Controller, of Home Assistant that uses the local APIs to connect every device that “Works with HomeKit” with the Home Assistant System. I haven’t tested it out but it should work.

What we can do is to create a new addon for openhab that works like Homekit Controller.
Let me know what do you think.

Thanks @Francesco_Re, very interesting option.
I’ll do some more research on that as soon as possible and share a feedback here.

Just tried it out and it works great.
I was looking at the source code of HomeKit Controller but I have to study how the Hassio environment works.
I’ll link here another useful thread. They are trying to achieve the same goal.

Which devices are you talking about exactly ? LivingNow / Livinglight Smart wireless devices or classical BUS wired devices (in case, which gateway did you install?)

@massi I have an old system with the BUS for which I’m using your great binding. Recently I wanted to automate roller shutters and I decided to use the new Living Now system that uses ZigBee between devices.

Already available unique integration for HA and OpenHAB

+1 to what you said here @massi.

I would also add that is great to have local access in OpenHab also to perform some analysis on the data being sent from the Bticino devices.

For example I am storing within an influxDB+Grafana setup all the thermostats temperatures + the Power Energy consumption information to check how much time the house take to change temperature depending on the external conditions, settings etc.

It would be great to build a ML based engine to feed this data and suggest settings beforehand, something like Nest Thermostat did when I had one.