Blockly doesnt work / No other scripting languages

I’m new to OpenHAB. Installed it a few weeks ago and have been lazily exploring ever since. Today it came down to scripting, and I noticed that I have Blockly not working. That is, when I try to add a new script I click on the “Design with Blocky” line and nothing happens.
I’m also missing other scripting languages, although I’ve installed Jython and JS.
Did I miss something important when installing OpenHAB?

OpenHAB 3.2.0
Debian 11

Could you elaborate more on what you mean by nothing happens? Screenshots or more description would be helpful. By default selecting. That should drop you into a white canvas with the blockly interface for you to build some script. If that’s not happening that may be a bug.

Sorry, I should have described the problem in more detail.
When I’m on the Scripts page, I press the “+” button and get to the Create script page. On it, under Scripting Method, I only see the line “Design with Blockly”. After the line “or choose the scripting language:” there is nothing else.

When I click on the line “Design with Blockly” nothing happens at all - no error pops up, no new window opens. I stay on the same Create script page.
I have checked with different browsers (Vivaldi and Firefox).

UPD: Now I’ve noticed that when the Create Script page is loaded, the developer console shows an error like this:

This may have something to do with the problem, but I don’t know what to do about it.

I think I’ve found what the problem is. My inattention. I had Java 17 installed and OpenHAB only works with version 11.
I apologise for taking up your time.


Yup was about to ask some of that. Glad you were able to resolve it.

Thanks for taking the time to really explain in detail what you’ve been doing and more importantly what you’ve done to resolve it.

This will help someone in the future.