Blockly openHAB

Hey Guys,

im new to openHAB.
Is there something similar to blockly ?

Thanks for your help!

What is blockly. Can you provide a refence?

Hey and thanks for your answer.
Sorry i tought it is well known ^^

blockly is a visual code editor.
It can be integrated to ioBroker to build automations.

Would be great if it could be used in openHAB too.

Is Node-Red the kind of thing you’re looking for?

It works very well with openHAB2

The openhabian script has an option for installing it, or you can do a manual install and just add the openhab_v2 (version 1.1.17) set of nodes

HABMin contains a graphical rules editor/creator that is similar - check the OpenHAB docs here

Or as @MDAR says, use Node-RED

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That is obsolete has not worked for quite a while now.

Hey and thanks again!

they both look really cool, i will try them!

Hi @vzorglub - I’ve never used it, just saw it in the docs :slight_smile:

Blocky works in Node-RED. So I would go the Node-RED route.

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Thank you so much for posting this.

My JavaScript programming skills are terrible, so this is a great solution.

All I have to do now… is learn Blocky… :crazy_face: