Blog post: openHAB and HP printer

Changed my setup from the IPP binding to the HP printer binding.

Blog post:

openHAB and HP printer

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Great blog post, specifically about using ansible. It’s the first time I’ve seen an example of it. I’m interested to learn about what automation you do with this hp printer binding, aside from the obvious “toner low warning” perhaps.

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There are several from @rlkoshak :

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Currently I’m just using this for reporting. Part of the problem is that my printer is not fully supported by the binding yet, it only shows a couple values, most of the channels are not yet reported.

Future ideas are reporting of low ink, and paper jams.

Ansible itself is quite easy to lern.

Combining Ansible and openHAB is another story. The REST API is not well documented, had to figure out most of the details by myself.

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