Bluetooth Beacon app for Android?

I finally got my Raspberry Pi 4 bluetooth adapter to show up in openhab via this link: Revival of Official Bluetooth Binding

My objective: Presence detection with peoples phones. (I’d rather not get an additional bluetooth device/beacon since I’m thinking the phone should be adequate.) I want to use bluetooth. I don’t care about multiple rooms or whatever, and don’t even care about the accuracy. I simply want to know if myself or my wife is at work, which is where the openhab is, and general hours worked, so down to the minute is not necessary.

I’ve come to realize that my Android phone only reports into openhab when the phone is in pair mode to search for new devices. (My phones bluetooth mac does NOT change upon reboots like iphones do so this shouldnt be an issue.)

Does anyone know an Android app that would run in the background as a service, that makes the phone act as a beacon(?), which would probably duplicate the behavior of what the manual pair mode does, so that it constantly reports into openhab (maybe a set interval like every 60 seconds)? I tried many apps but can’t get it to work. I thought this would be called a “Beacon transmitter” app, but maybe I’m wrong. This app should run automatically on reboot and automatically “turn on and transmit” (pair, or whatever is needed)

Or maybe this can be achieved without an app?


Would it be an option to check if the phone is connected to WiFi / WLAN ?
If that’s an alternative you can use:

Unfortunately no.

Late, but if google lead you here:

Android Beacon Simulator by Vincent Hiribarren works for me.

transport le for bluetoothctl to see the advertisements.