Bluetooth binding not found under bindings

Goodmorning everyone, today i have seen Bluetooth binding on the documentation list, but i cannot find him under add-on on my paperui (OpenHab 2.2).
Can someone help me please?

Happy to search the forum for you…

Link for installation:

I’m talking about that vzorglub:
Is not the same.
Thanks anyway for the try…

This binding is in the market place

Go to:
PaperUI>Addons>Misc - Install the Eclipse IOT Marketplace extension
Then go to:
PaperUI>Addons>Bindings - Click the refresh buttons at the top left (circle arrow thingy)
Then search for market

That’s the one mentioned above. The one in the docs is not available.

i have already installed the binding in market place long ago but i don’t have a compatible bt device for that (windows server). for that i’m looking for the second.
Why is not available the docs one?!?!

My apologies
I have it too, I must have missed it.

In the PaperUI Binding page search for bluetooth
What comes up?

if i don’t enable IoT marketplace… nothing!
Maybe i have to upgrade to 2.3

2.3 is almost at stable release. Although there was a breaking snapshot yesterday it should be safe(ish) to use.
I recommend that you upgrade
I recommend also that you change OS to linux. But I leave that to you…

Thanks for the advice…
I’m trying to update but i got an error on powershell…

There is an issue on github about updating to snapshot on windows
The 2.3 stable version is not far away, you could wait for that
Or move to linux :wink: