Bluetooth communication

I am wondering if and how OpenHab allows me to connect to a Bluetooth device and send strings/chars.

’Problem’ I have a pre-openhab home automation system that is basically an Atmega that controls stuff and I communicate to it with my phone over Bluetooth (an HC-05 module on the Atmmega 328 UART.

If for instance I want the main light to switch on, I send an ‘H’ from my phone to the Atmage328 serial via Bluetooth and when I want it OFF, I sent an ‘h’. like this

I like to “integrate” it with Openhab, so I can have openhab send an ‘H’ or an ‘h’ or any character needed via Bluetooth.
However, with the Bluetooth binding, I only seem to be able to receive the RSSI from the HC-05 module.

Question is what I want -simply sending a string character over Bluetooth from OpenHAB- at all possible, and if yes, how?

There is a new binding that looks promising…

Thanks. I will look into that :slight_smile:
Although from reading the description it doesn’t seem to cater for just serial communication. But its worth a try