Bluetooth & zwave on raspberry Pi3

Id like to use bluetooth on my raspberry Pi3. Ive installed openhabian and have the razberry module for zwave succesfully integrated. when enabling bluetooth via openhabian the zwave module goes offline. it seems bluetooth and zwave use the same serial interface? I`m linux noob, so can someone give a detailed step-by-step solution, please?

I don’t think there is a solution. From what I’ve read on this forum you cannot use Bluetooth and razberry on the same pi at the same time.

I think you can on the RPI3 but you have to set the bluetooth to the MIniUART, and config the pi to a fixed CPU speed as the MiniUART baud is dependent on the CPU speed. And disable the Linux console output on the Uart.

In this german thread claims to exactly do what you want.

And the official RPI statement.

@powerpolly Did you try this approach? Would be great to have Bluetooth and the Razberry board in parallel running under openhabian. I know of someone else who likes to have this. :wink:
Not sure if @ThomDietrich’s openhabian configuration will reset anything here after the next uddate?

Hi @powerpolly, consider using this binding: 3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed

Please let me know if this works for you.

my intention was to integrate the xiaomi flower sensor but unfortunately I`m not satisfied with the distance I can reach with bluetooth. on top of that guess what I got to hear from my wife when I told her that the white little stick in her flowers can remember her when to water the flowers… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

my intention was to build an automatic watering solution for our vegetable patch. I don`t like vegetables anyway…

@powerpolly Did you get Bluetooth working in parallel to the Razberry board running openhabian?

@bernd_d No, I didn`t try to get it working.

Anyone else out there running openhabian with a Razberry board and active Pi3 onboard Bluetooth??