BN-LINK smart plugs BNC-60/U133TJ

Has anyone used recent BN-LINK smart plugs with openhab?

It looks like they previously had versions that you could flash with tasmota, but you can’t flash current ones with it at least per one review I found.

I see that a huge online web site has a 4 pack of the BN-LINK Heavy Duty Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, part number BNC-60/U133TJ for $26 ($6.50 each).

I know the kasa KP115 should work, but it’s $23 for one.

This one?

Around this time last year, Tuya changed their firmware in a way that made it impossible to flash devices over WiFi using Tuya-convert. You can theoretically still put Tasmota on them with a physical connection, but that’s tricky to do (particularly if you don’t have much experience with electronics).

Unless you want the challenge of opening up the BN-LINK (with no guarantees that it will work), I would just get the Kasa KP115. Saving $16.50/plug isn’t worth the hassle unless you absolutely need specific Tasmota features that Kasa doesn’t offer.

Note that the KP115 requires you to either upgrade to the OH3.1 Milestone or manually install the 3.1 binding (see discussion).