Bosch Home Connect - what would be a good binding name?

Having ordered a Bosch WAYH2840 with “Home Connect” support, of course I immeditely thought about connecting it with my home :smile:

Bosch and Siemens seem to support the protocol, so I tend to use a vendor neutral name of “homeconnect”. On the other hand, there is already an “Innogy SmartHome” binding which is called “innogysmarthome”.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a nice name? @Kai ? @oliver_kuhl ?

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As they have the domain, I would say it is safe to call the binding “homeconnect” :slight_smile:


is there already some progress? I just got my Siemens Dishwasher and connected it to HomeConnect.
A Binding to integrate into OH would be great :wink:

Hi Together,

any news related to this? I will receive my new HC-enabled Coffee Maker / Coffee Machine in the next days, and would love to integrate it with my OH2.2 Installation. I would try to work on this myself but I can not invest a lot of time in this at the moment, so it will take its time. If someone is still working on that topic I would like to come in contact to avoid double work and see how we can split the work or how we can support each other. Additionally I had access to an HC-enabled oven but not in my own Household, but nearby. So we can use this for testing as well.

There is an API description and a device simulator available here:
The API looks not so difficult but ass well not so mighty, but I think it is enough to invest the effort in it.


I am also really eager to have a binding for my Home-Connect compatible dishwasher and coffee maker, but not skilled enough to make my own binding yet :wink:

I have a dream of making an automated cup turntable for the coffee maker so that you could rotate in a new cup and automate brewing custom coffee for all your guests at once :smiley:



@hakan how is your progress on the homeconnect binding?

at the moment I try to implement a Bosch Home Connect binding. Please look here: