BSH Home Connect Binding

in my master thesis I have to implement a binding for devices with the Home Connect service of the BSH Group.
In some other posts I read that some of you are interested in such a binding.
The developer portal of Home Connect [1] only offers a web simulator of the devices. As a private developer you are unfortunately not allowed to reach the real devices. At the moment I am in contact with @Kai of the openHAB foundation, if they could become a official partner of the Home Connect GmbH. This is required to get access to the real devices. But it is only meaningfull to do all the work and to become an official member of Home Connect, if there are enough people wanting this binding and helping me with it.
Is there anybody who wants to join me to implement the binding or at least to become a tester, if the binding is (almost) ready?

At the moment my binding does the complete authorization flow and I can get the connected devices. Furthermore I can see the current status and the settings of the devices. But remember: At the moment we can only reach the simulator not the real devices.

If you want to have a look or want to help me developing this binding, then visit my g ithuhub repository:



That sounds great! It is a shame that Bosch has taken the “walled garden” approach though, as long as we are on the same network we really should be allowed to generate an API key and have local access to the device with simple HTTPS calls.

Do you think the binding will be allowed to run locally or will this have to be implemented as part of the myopenHAB cloud service?

Hi Stefan.
I will be interested in this binding. In one month I will be in my reworked apartment with some nice bosch devices, some of them with Bosch Smart Home functionality. So count with me as a tester in one month or so.

I would really help you writing code but I’m not a Java programmer.

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I am looking forward to using this binding. I can help in testing.

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I don’t use the myopenHAB cloud service in the binding, but nevertheless it is not complete local since you have to use the Home Connect server.

I am in!

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Im interested.
I have Some Basic Java expirience. And a fridge with Home connect.

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I am in I have a Siemens dishwasher.


I am also interested and could help testing.
Bosch oven and dishwasher.


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It will need some time until the binding is ready enough to be able to test with the real devices. The openHAB Foundation first has to become a partner of Home Connect until we are allowed to get access to the devices.

But which functions do you want to have? Which would be important to you? Would you only want to see some statuses (i. e. the actual program) or would you like to change the statuses and start the device out of openHAB?

For me, Status (trigger some machine is ready alert) and Pause/Stop/Start wouold be the most important thing for me.
But actually, if it requires cloud access, this could be a dealbreaker :frowning:

As much functions as you can add. I don’t think anybody would tell you please don’t program this feature. Anybody who wants to avoid something they only need to not use it.

Got an oven here as well, can help testing when the time comes. Stop/Start and seeing whether it’s currently running would really be 90% of the value for me

I love hearing that someone is working on this. I already started playing around with the API. Unfortunately I don’t have a HC device myself, just did it out of curiosity. I would be happy to help you in any way else though.

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I want to implement as much functions as possible. But I’m curious which functions are important for other users.
For me it would do it, if I’m able to see the actual statuses.

Furthermore I edited my first post! I added a link to my github repository.
If you want to help me programming you can fork it.

Cool, I have been waiting for this for quite some time. Not a programmer, though, so I have to stick to testing.
For me an additional interesting use case would be related to consumables, e.g.

  • dishwasher is running out of descaling salt
  • you forgot to empty the water tank in your steamer last night

I’m interested, i have an Bosch Oven and can test your binding.

Hi, I have a Siemens oven with home connect and I would like to be able to tell google home to turn it on and set it to 180 degrees !
I am not a programmer, but willing to test.

Very interessted, too! I do have a Bosch tumbler waiting for the binding.

Hi as I wrote above, I would love to have such a binding. Of course I can test with my coffee maker and the oven in a other household that is in my reach. To discuss how I can help you further more just send me a PM!