Breaking changes on OH3 upgrade - link not working

Hi, this link:

does not work for me. I can see list of new addons etc etc, but I cannot see the most important section of the document - breaking changes

can someone please copy paste this section over here?


Indeed. @kai FYI.

may be not the latest info but via git you can access the version as of 16.12.2020 that contained the information: Breaking Changes in openHAB 3 · openhab/openhab-distro Wiki · GitHub

thanks! got it

Argh, that’s nasty. It seems that Github has cut all our release notes to some max. number of characters. It not only affects the 3.0.0 release notes, but also 3.1 and possibly all older ones :frowning: . I don’t know if there is any history available on those to get the content back and couldn’t find anything about it in the Github documentation.
For the 3.0.0 release, I have linked the wiki page that @mstormi mentioned above, but this only brings back the incompatible changes. All upgrade instructions etc. are lost. :sob:

Is there a new link to the current upgrade documentation available? I am about to embark on migration from 2.5 and this will save a lot questions. Looking for a list of what to do before migrating and how to migrate, as well as any breaking changes. Thank you!

yes, look here for the migrating-from-openhab-2-to-openhab-3 part of the documentation.
Here is the release document for openHAB 3.0 which contains the dead link to the breaking changes documentation. This document has been lost and that is the subject of this thread
There are several threads about folks experiences doing the upgrade in this community forum. Use the forum search and be sure to search by most recent
Start a new thread if you would like, list the binding you use and I’m sure everyone will pitch in with the info you need for each binding.

I read that document. It says:

Since this is a major version release you have to pay attention to some Breaking Changes that may affect your environment too. You can find a general note on the Breaking Changes here: Breaking Changes in openHAB 3 · openhab/openhab-distro Wiki · GitHub

If you follow that link, you get to another page which says:

And that link now gives 404. There is another anchor link on that page that leads nowhere as the anchor ID seems absent from that page. I cannot figure out how to get the current list of breaking changes.

I confirm this 404. I have not been able to view any breaking change docs this weekend.

That’s what Andrew was saying.

Per Kai’s comment above.

Does anyone have a backup?

I found this

this seems to be more complete ?

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