Broadlink with MQTT in Openhab

I tried to add my Broadlink with the mqtt binding to Openhab. But now I don`t know how to add it. I have my mqtt broker installed in the binding and it is Online. So now here is my Problem:
I have this code for the mqtt binding v1.11 but I dont know how to change it, so it can work with the new one.

Deckenlampe “Deckenlampe” {mqtt=">[mqtt:broadlink/lampen/deckenlampe/on:command:ON:play],>[mqtt:broadlink/lampen/deckenlampe/off:command:OFF:play]"}

For connecting the Broadlink to the Mqtt I use this Software

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This fbacker/broadlink-mqqtt-bridge is a service, you can see such service in http://localhost:3000, on this web server you should see if the broadlink service has been connected to your mqtt broker, in my case (mosquitto). You must make sure about this before of all.

You need to read the doc material for the new MQTT (v2) Binding to see some examples:
iii) Migrating MQTT1 items to MQTT2.4 items
iv) multiple posts within the community forum with generic examples of MQTT v2 configurations (text based and/or PaperUI based)
v) The specifics of your broadlink-MQTT-Bridge setup will have to be figured out by yourself. If you get stuck, post what you have tried and ask for help.
vi) After you have successfully configured your OH2 system to work with MQTTv2 configs for this Bridge, type up a tutorial so can share the knowledge :slight_smile:

Hi Mika,

just had the same challenge. the following example is not perfect but should give you a starting point:

Bridge mqtt:broker:mosquito [ host="localhost", secure=false, username="your_user", password="your_pw" ]  
    Thing mqtt:topic:broadlink_1 {
        Type switch : abluft [ commandTopic="broadlink/fan/mode_abluft", on="replay"]

and the item

Switch bath1_fan_mode_abluft "Abluft" [ "Switchable" ] {channel="mqtt:topic:broadlink_1:abluft" }

as I’m using a different broadlink-mqtt bridge, I guess you need to replace “replay” by “play” for fbacker

I have tried evrey thing but it will not work so this is what i have done.

  1. I have created a thing:
  2. I have checked that my Broker is online: It’s online
    So now my question, when I put tihs into my mqtt.fx:

    It works fine.
    So what I have to do write in the Channel under " MQTT State Topic" and in “MQTT Command Topic”?
    When the channel is a Switch.

This forum is about openHAB. And openHAB bindings.

You should know what MQTT state and MQTT command topics are. This is MQTT specific.
A hint: openHAB will publish to command topics and will receive and assign new states from state topics.

If you knew this already and think that the binding docu should be improved, please help and propose a change.