Btcino smarther x8000

hello, can all you help me install smarther in my openhab
i received code secret my no understan what need do later.

i see this post :

smarther need folder inside ?

i have install openhabian 2.5 in rasperry pi 4 , but i no see all this file inside rest api openhab

please can help me also video is very good i see and can do

sorry for my english , i am italy :slight_smile:

Log into your OpenHab server, then create a directory smarther under your $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/ directory and, inside it, the subdirectories data and log :

mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther
mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther/data
mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther/log

search turns up this thread here. Search is your friend. :wink:

ok but i no understand if need create folder smarther inside other folder for do this
Log into your OpenHab server, then create a directory smarther under your $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/ directory and, inside it, the subdirectories data and log :

mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther
mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther/data
mkdir $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther/log

i you reply i no find my reply :frowning:

Ciao Danilo!
You have to follow exactly the instructions given.
The directorues are created in the right folder, when you execute the command (it’s in etc/openhab2/scripts

Here you find the thread:

Thanks to @Mr_Ronfo

Can you tell me program need use for command?
I use filezilla ftp for go inside folder.
Sorry i use openhab 2 days.

If i have understand need do folder with name “smarther” inside folder “scripts” and copy file ?

I have this folder , what i need copy inside ?

You should use Putty or something like that.
There you can copy paste the commands of Mr_Ronfo

But yes, in the directory Scripts, the mkdir $openhab… makes the directory smarther and the data and log

Ok tomorrow i test with putty.

Data and log is also folder ?

I sorry for my all question , no is easy for my , but want solve with all you help

Thx you

Once you move the files via filezilla then run openhabian-config tool and select fix permissions so openhab has access to the files.

Ciao Danilo,

I would advise to make it via PC, it’s much easier.
You have to make these three directories and other too.
Have you already made everything with Legrand and installed nginx?

Se fai tutto via Pc è molto più agevole, puoi fare copia incolla. Devi seguire alla lettera quanto scritto da Mr_Ronfo.
Ti sei già registrato su Legrand e hai installato nginx?

You can drag and drop files from windows directly into open putty console. The files get copied to the home folder.

Ps. I am using the kitty branch of putty and so not sure if it’s just a feature of that or works for putty too. Worth a try for someone.

I received code secret legrand .
I no have install nginx ? I have need this for bticino ?

Yes, it’s on the instructions

Please read them carefully

  1. i create directory : smarther - data - log
  2. i do this my receive error Operation not permitted , i have copy by filezilla inside smarther : ```
    chmod +x $OPENHAB_CONF/scripts/smarther/
3) ```sudo mkdir /var/www/html/smarther/  ```     No such file or directory 

4) ```sudo touch /var/log/php/smarther-c2c.log```  No such file or directory 

5)  i do also this my have equal error No such file or directory   
sudo chown -R www-data:adm /var/www/html/smarther/
sudo chown www-data:adm /var/log/php/smarther-c2c.log

please help me solve , because have all this erro and problem ?

i no can do this now : sudo touch /var/log/php/smarther-c2c.log
No such file or directory
because ?

Hi @dany83, I could eventually help you working it out during the weekend.

As this is a workaround to an official binding, it’s not expected to automatically work under any system setup one may have :wink:


Ciao Danilo, forse riesco a darti una mano nel w/e.

Essendo questo un workaround ad un binding ufficiale, non è atteso che funzioni automaticamente con qualsiasi setup si sistema possibile :wink:

ok thx i wait you help me ? you is italian righ ? can you do post italian more easy step ?

now i test this sudo chown www-data:adm /var/log/php/smarther-c2c.log

but received error No such file or directory

i go by filezilla inside log , create directory php but permission denied ( i have log put 777 permission )

i can solve this ?

Ciao Danilo,

Have you copied the two files ‘smarther-auth.php’ and ‘smarther-c2c.php’ into ‘smarther/’ directory?

Hai copiato i due file smarther-auth.php’ e ‘smarther-c2c.php’ nella directory ‘smarther/’ ?

yes i have copied but later this no work sudo chown www-data:adm /var/log/php/smarther-c2c.log

That’s not the right one. It should be in /var/www/html/smarther

You should already have nginx installed

i have nginx install .

i no can copied file in /var/www/html/smarther “permission denied” i have 777