bTicino cheaper gateway L4686SDK, F455 for 130 euro, MH201 for 52 euro

OpenHAB SCS binding work with cheeper bTicino gateway L4686SDK?

Hi @massi,
you can answer yourself.

Sorry, I do not know this gateway

it is a cheaper SCS gateway without ethernet but with USB (and RS-232), so need a Raspberry or something like a PC.
You can see some images at:
it is sell for example by:

for about 100 euro.

It accept OpenWebNet strings on the virtualCOM and show the ACK and SCS messages on the console. I use it with Minicom on Linux or PuTTY on Win and I can command light ON/OFF. As now not tested with other commands

Ticino propose other two cheap gateway:

  1. for about 130 euro, the F455:
  2. for about 52 euro, the MH201 (it is also an hotel IP Scenario Module with light status memory :-):

Both are small as 1 DIN module, has ethernet on one side, a web server inside, and SCS bus on the other side.
OpenHAB SCS binding work with those one?


thank you for pointing there. Just added request to support MH201:

just ordered one for 58 euro delivery included

I don’t have the MH201 and I can’t do tests and I have no idea if it works.
As soon as you arrive try it with the binding and publish the test results.
So we can evaluate the problems

Hi Valerio, did you already recived and tested MH201? Does it works with openhab? I would like to buy a cheaper scs bus gateway and I am oriented to F455 or MH201. Any suggest? Thankyou, Roberto

the order tracking say it arrive on next Monday. As now I’m not sure it will work with OpenHab, my intention is to manage to add the support, hoping I can. Let see

I have tested it works. In large systems you can also use more than one.
You can replace the use of the art F422. Clearly you have to install a power supply for each MH201 and each must have a dedicated bus.

Good news
What devices did you test with?

Binding does not work properly with more than one webserver.
@massi what do you think?

I tested mh201 on 2 plants, one of which is very large with around 200 addresses. The only difficulty is that the gateway and things are sometimes not detected automatically (as happens on F454) and you have to insert them manually.
Moreover thanks to mh201 on the myhome bus it is also possible to carry out programmed scenarios.
total scenarios max 50.
In short, I would like to test an automation on the thermoregulation that makes me change in the spring (astro binding) the condition of the 20 degree manual winter control unit to 25 degrees manual summer.

Ho testato luci e tapparelle.
sitema openhabian su raspberry

Use discoveryByActivation=true

OK manages WHO = 1 Lighting and WHO = 2 automation (shutters)
It is interesting to know if other WHOs can also be managed
WHO = 15 and 25 CEN CEN +
WHO = 6 intercom
WHO = 4 thermoregulation

Roberto, the community is written only in English. :grinning:

There are future implementations to be implemented, perhaps they are for you

To carry out the aforementioned thermo function I had thought of using art f420.
With this article it is possible on the Myhome system to carry out the function.
To integrate everything on Openhab I had thought to test this as soon as possible:
Thanks to Mh201 I create a planned scenario.
the start of the scenario is an address of a switch for example A = 1 Pl = 1.
when 11 is on only if 11 is off
active scenario 1.
The self-learning sceanrio 1 passes the control panel from manual winter 20 degrees to manual summer 23 degrees.
I use the same method to do the reverse and go from manual summer to manual winter when 11 is Off.
Thanks to Openhab then I go to manage with my own rules the switch 11. I hope I was clear. I tried to do this scenario with cen plus but I found that this command in openhab only works as a start of an action not like terminal of an action.

Why use an F420 when you have MH201 that can store scenarios?

Of course you can

F420 works in self-learning mode and allows me to configure the actions I perform on the 3550 control panel (a small trick) during the configuration phase.
Instead Mh201 does not allow you to manage scenarios on the central but you have to act on every single thermostat. For the second problem the one related to cenplus +, even if the log of openhab gives me correct result in reality this command works correctly for me only in the cases in which it acts from start to rule. Please check


I took a quick look at MyHomeSuite.
The scenarios of the MH201 does not manage the CEN + but only the CEN

Can you be more detailed?