BTICINO: Enhanced Binding for Testing (Heating Control, Automation, Door Entry, Dimmers)

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(Reinhard Freuis) #1

Dear All,

I debugged and enhanced the Bticino Binding for my use in several categories,
as Heating Control, Automation, Door Entry, Dimmers.


  • added full control to single probes / zones
  • added full control for Main Control Unit


  • corrected OWN feedback which caused binding to crash
  • added virtual calculated position feedback based on the runtime of the shutter (has to be pre-configured in the cfg)
  • the virtual position feedback makes it possible to control the shutter via the HOMEKIT Binding
    (but please be aware that 0-100 % (open / closed) is reverted in Homekit

Door Entry:

  • added possibly to activate camera
  • added possibility to un-lock the door


  • added / corrected the dimmer feedback

You can find the binding jar and some relevant files at following link.
Bticino Binding for Testing

I would appreciate any feedback, suggestion or question.

Regards Reinhard

(Jaime Vaz) #2

Hi! This binding works with 300x13e WiFi edition?

(Reinhard Freuis) #3

Can’t really give you a answer on that, as I don’t have a 300x13e Wifi,
only have Gateway F454 & Multimedia Touch Screen 4690 to test.

But the mayor requirement is that you have a OWN gateway F454 or F453AV which can supply the video jpeg.
If the Door Entry System is accessible there it should work for OpenHAB too.

If I understand the manual of the 300x13e Wifi correct it has no OWN (OpenWebNet … the Bticino Bus Protokoll) capability. So it will work only with a gateway with OpenHAB.