[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

Hallo Rocky and welcome to the community.
I suggest to start having a look to the OH developers documentation and start setting up the Dev environment, and test one of the bindings.

Hi, I have installed the latest official version.
The shutters on google assistant work, while on alexa they don’t.
What is my mistake?
My items

Group    Home                      "Casa"                           <house>                                      ["Building"]

Group    Abitazione               "Abitazione"                     <house>         (Home)                       ["Building"]

Group    Salone                    "Salone"                         <sofa>          (Home, Abitazione)          ["LivingRoom"]

Switch   Striscia_Led               "Stiscia Led [%s]"               <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Striscia_Led:switch"}
Switch   Led_Divano                 "Led Divano[%s]"                 <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Divano:switch"}
Switch   Led_Tavolo                 "Led Tavolo[%s]"                 <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Tavolo:switch"}
Switch   Led_Cucina                 "Led Cucina [%s]"                <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Cucina:switch"}

Rollershutter Tapparella_Salone	    "Tapparella Salone [%.0f %%]"    <rollershutter> (Giorno,Salone)             ["Blinds"]    {channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:Mh201_00035......:Tapparella_Salone:shutter"}

Could you have an example?

Hi Roberto,

the first thing I would try is to change the tag from [“Blinds”] to [“PercentageController.percentage”] and control the shutter by telling alexa the percentage of closure (e.g. “Alexa set the shutters to 0%” for a full open and “Alexa set the shutters to 100%” for a full close.

thanks for your help it doesn’t work

As you can see OH 2.5.11 is out: it includes some bugfixes for the openwebnet binding related to dimmer lights mgmt and the USB Zigbee part.

I want to encourage you to respond to the 2 polls about new features for the official openwebnet binding: that’s an opportunity to express what is more important for you and should be prioritized.
I think 23 answers are not enough: there are many more users using the binding!

setup the 2.5.11 , then all of my F521 aren not initialized :
OpenWebNet BUS/SCS Energy Management Central Unit. BTicino models: F521 .
back to 2.5.10.jar all run fine

Lights ,Dimmers look ok

Energy Management is not supported by official v2.5.10-11, see: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/openwebnet/.
And it will never be: at this point new features for the official openwebnet binding are only possibile to be added in OH v3.0.x.
You can vote in the polls if you are interested, and add a new issue for this here

Thanks massi , i allready vote, again thanks for your great job , if i can help…i do , i’m not sure to have enough skill actually but ! if you need

so… i’m lucky about Energy working during 2 years now… outch :slight_smile:

No, you are not lucky: you are just using the old unofficial (beta/testing) version of the binding. Read here, and here

thanks is more clear to me now

I took the survey a few days ago. Could you help me with configuring the shutters on alexa?

This is off topic here: try searching on the community for questions about Alexa and shutters. Moreover I do not have experience with the new Alexa v3 skill and shutters metadata.

Ok thank

Hi all I’m trying to migrate to OH3. I installed today the last version but the binding is not installing.
With the previous the released functions was ok.

Maybe I’m making something wrong??

thank you for your suggestions

you mean with 3.0.0.M5 the binding installed correctly?
Anything in the logs?

RC2 now is working! thank you!

Hi @massi and thanks for the work on OH3. i do not have time to help with development and testing, but time is money and can be so vice versa. Care to publish some donate page where we could support you with CC/crypto? Thanks!

This is a good idea, specially to attract other developers that can contribute to the binding and lib. Will setup something and let you know!